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The “geek chic” trend has been around for a long time now and it’s evolving constantly. It peaked in the new wave trends of the 2000s and has continued. Today, as we are all obsessed with street-style snaps, geek chic outfits crop up everywhere.

Here we see some of the most-love 21st century models’ takes on the trend:

Geek chic trendGeek chic trend

Alexa Chung is a definite pioneer of the style, constantly combining textures and styles by layering – and still looking effortlessly chic. 

If I remember rightly, I did a post back on about Gucci’s collection. It has really revolutionised what can be worn to conform to the trend. Gucci made the trend super cute, adding florals to the trend, rather than the old-style of a printed/slogan tee. I love the mix of colours and fabrics, ultimately making the look dishevelled but sleek.

Geek chic trend

From my Pinterest fashion and streetstyle boards, here are my most favourite preppy looks…



Often I feel that geek chic is too closely associated with purely stripped t-shirts. There is so much more to dressing to fit this trend than it seems on the surface. When I think “geeky” I think a formal, workwear kind of style but one that is ultimately comfortable. Geeks are supposed to love the library, and trust me as a uni student, there’s nothing worst than sitting in an uncomfortable pair of skinnies for three hours straight.

I think layering is super important (and super easy). A jumper over a white buttoned-up shirt looks preppy instantly, and by adding footwear like a pair of brogues, voila you have your outfit. I also believe ripped jeans can look effective, if the rips are kept to a minimum. To keep it modern and for interest, add plenty of jewellery – layer necklaces and slide on several rings.

Here are a couple of high-street picks for inspiration on how to style your outfit:


These are some inspiration collections of how I would style the trend, and to make it actually wearable.







Images from:

Polyvore sets: created by me (@ku-layrosas on Polyvore)  

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