fashion :: town trip

So after a long week of lectures and seminar (boringggg), I treated myself to a couple of hours in Lancsster city centre. That’s if you can call it a city. But anyway, it was a cute and successful visit! I got exactly what I needed without going overboard, congratulations to me.          I left […]

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beauty :: drugstore buys

Recently I’ve become rather obsessed with makeup looks and trying out new things with my makeup. I love eye makeup in particular, as you’ll see from all the examples below.  While in Manchester (see previous post) I did a little cheapo makeup haul from bodycare. Their eyeshadow are wonderful honestly!!! I so recommend. So I […]

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faith :: be that girl

If you are a long time Kulayrosas reader then you may have read a brief post over summer about my experience at Life Church Bradford’s youth conference RockNations. While there, youth pastor Abs Niblock hosted a little get together of the girls at the event called “be that girl”. It was a super idea to […]

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life :: day date

So you may or may not have experienced my Instagram spam on Wednesday due to an amazing day out in my favourite city. With my favourite person. Cheeeeeese. Well anyway, it was a pretty amazing day spent with Josh doing some things I haven’t done in the city centre before; bowling, playing pool, eating in […]

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hair :: comme moi

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, on the Saturday just gone I dip dyed my brown locks blonde. At first I was like “nooooo” because it was very yellow. It has settled down a little bit but is still a little cheap looking. But I know it’ll eventually get cut off and I like […]

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life :: holidays

2016 is the year I’ll be doing plenty of exploring; three different countries. EXCITING, no?! I have two holidays booked, and one pending. And two are with my boyfriend. Can’t get much better than that. Normandy/Rouen So,my first destination is Rouen with university. Basically, it’s a French trip for four days. I’m really excited for […]

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fashion :: vintage wedding

First, my congratulations to my eldest cousin Chris and his fiancee Amy on their engagement! And now, the time is drawing near for their wedding… I haven’t been to many weddings in my short life, but the ones I’ve experienced I’ve enjoyed. As a Christian, marriage is sacred and important to me, and I am […]

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fashion :: camel

A camel is not just for Autumn. It’s forever.  I have an interesting relationship with camel colour pieces. I don’t particularly like them on me, but they always look great on other bloggers and people I see when I’m out shopping. Rather jealous. INSPIRATION from Missguided Missguided is the place for camel. Their pieces are just […]

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