food :: homemade brunch 

So I don’t actually think I’ve done a good post in a while, throwing it back to veggie bowls… But I made an amazing brunch today and couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  Breakfast always used to be boring, it’s like meh I’m up just gimme food. I never wake up wanting cereal, although Special […]

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fashion :: newbies

Ok. Ok. I love shopping.  There. I’ve finally admitted it. Oh. You knew that already? Good. I’m a complete shopaholic. But, for my own sake, I have no shame. It’s something I love. It is more than just a hobby or an “interest”, it is a desire of mine. It’s not the spending money bit. […]

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fashion :: the individual

Trends for 2016 are less about something new, or something revised. Instead, we should focus on individual tastes and let them shine through. The main trends according to Vogue are: SOFT ROCK I love grunge. It’s always a trend that’s on the radar and is the basis of styles for high street brands such as […]

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life :: London pt.2

So after much pestering from dear ol’ Connor, here’s part 2 of our London trip!…   We awoke early on the Saturday to make the best of the day; we didn’t want to waste any time lounging around in the hotel, especially as the plan was to leave London at around tea time. Connor took […]

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fashion :: struggles of a…

*You can also find this article in Lancaster University’s newspaper SCAN @* We all have those problem areas, those parts of our bodies we love to hate. But when it’s something that you can’t change or hide, like your height or the size of your chest, the problem becomes an everyday struggle, as does […]

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life :: London pt.1

There have been some big changes in my life in the past few days; great upheaval, many mistakes – hence the lack of posts in the past fortnight.  But on Friday night a new friend I recently made whisked me away (at 100 miles per hour on the M1) to our capital city.  The journey […]

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fashion :: Manchester ootd

So by now you should’ve seen my post about Manchester last Wednesday with my boyfriend… If you’ve not, why not?! Hating on you (but still loving you). Check it out. The post was getting so long that I didn’t spend long talking about my outfit. Nor Josh’s so here goes…    This is one of […]

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beauty :: couture

From what we have seen on the runways of late, beauty is getting ever more couture, and an ever more important part of our outfit. Valentino showed us that we should go for a coral yet nude lip with thick yet separated lashes. Also, opting for big brows is clearly on the agenda for AW16. […]

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