beauty :: lush night 

The first thing I do when I come home from university for any length of time is jump in the bath. For one, it makes me feel clean. And two, who can resist a good bath. Nearly two weeks ago my darling lil’ sister turned 14, and one of her presents de moi was this […]

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life :: pretty is useless

I DEDICATE THIS POST TO ANY GIRL WHO HAS EVER FELT UGLY, FAT, ASHAMED, WORTHLESS, USED, ABUSED, MISTREATED OR NOT APPRECIATED. “Be brainy, be inspiring. Pretty is useless.”   Time upon time I do not feel pretty. It’s common, isn’t it?  You put on your favourite outfit on a day that you’re feeling low and […]

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fashion :: tds

I’ve followed TDS (The Design Studio) on Instagram for at least a couple of months now, and every time they post I fall more and more in love. A duo of mother and daughter, TDS create beautiful fur bomber jackets that are TOTALLY TO DIE FOR. No word of a lie. Check them out. On […]

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life :: future

Hey lovelies! A couple of weeks ago I had two beautiful young girls request on my Instagram (@ku_layrosas) that I start a YouTube channel. I am so tempted. I just don’t know how successful it’d be. Kulayrosas as a blog is doing so well. It’s taken me a little by surprise. I’m on hundreds of […]

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faith :: inspired to be better

Yesterday marked International Women’s Day and as I am a woman (woo, one point to me), I felt a post coming on. I’m allllllll for female empowerment. Insert that *I LOVE IT* gif off the little girl. I really do believe empowerment in a broad sense is the most necessary thing in the world. If […]

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