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I’ve followed TDS (The Design Studio) on Instagram for at least a couple of months now, and every time they post I fall more and more in love.

A duo of mother and daughter, TDS create beautiful fur bomber jackets that are TOTALLY TO DIE FOR. No word of a lie. Check them out.

On a side note, I love the idea of working with your mother. My mum and I are super close and we’ve had many a discussion about having our own little set up in the garage, designing and making clothes. She was a keen artist back in the day, and that’s probably the reason I’m such a creative. Unfortunately I don’t seen to have inherited the sewing machine talent, but it’s not like it’s too late to learn at 18. Keep your eyes peeled for us, we met set something up sometime soon, perhaps this year will be our year!

Anyway, back to TDS. You can read more about them here:

Here’s a selection of my favourite pieces on their website – practically them all. Don’t forget though, every piece is slightly different, so you’re really getting something special if you ever order!


I love their portfolio that’s available to view on their website. The following are links to a selection that are my favourites. I hope you appreciate the beauty of these girls and the bomber jackets as much as I do.


Basically just check them out while I save up for one.







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