fashion :: the ASOS nineties

ASOS has to be my favourite. Whenever I’m asked for a recommendation, or asked where I buy my clothes from, I usually reply with them. There is just something about their clothes which are much more fashion forward, on a par with your high street stores like Topshop and Zara.  It would be mega crazy […]

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fashion :: barnardo’s bonanza

Wednesday was super lovely, could not have asked for a better day! The latter half I spent trundling around town, as I do quite a lot of the time, exploring. After a fair bit of window shopping, I impulsively stepped into the charity shop Barnardo’s on Penny Street, Lancaster. As soon I was in there, my […]

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forever :: gimme more

Hello again! Today I waned to share with you a few more Forever Living products I’ve been using! These are just as great as the last, I can promise you that! SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER This duo are wonderful. My hair was so silky smooth after using them, and they both smell incredible. I desperately need […]

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hair :: flamingo

*Soundtrack for this post is Pink by Aerosmith* Have you ever had that moment where you’re like, I need a change.  I’m at that point. It’s crazy time in terms of the academic year, deadline after deadline, exam after exam. But despite all of this, my June is set to be possibly the best month […]

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forever :: lotions n potions

Okay, okay, okay. I’m gonna get all excited on you. Friday was my first proper day of trialing Forever Living Products and I can hand on heart say, I’m impressed. I had tried a selection¬†of the products before when at my friend’s pamper party at a hair salon back home. But until you start to […]

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forever :: commencement

So, it’s time for me to get started with my business now that my box of Forever products has arrived!!!  I cannot wait to try the products for myself, let alone share them with you guys! I hope you’ll love them as much as I’m sure I will.  Over the next few days, weeks and […]

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fashion :: trend report

If you feel like you’re in that awkward transition period when you don’t know what season it is, then you’re not alone. I hope this trend report helps you with what styles and pieces to go for in the next couple of months. Of late, the weather in Lancaster has been beautiful. Campus quickly became […]

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life :: forever living

Hello lovelies! So yesterday I signed up to a fabulous opportunity… And today I can announce… I AM A FOREVER BUSINESS OWNER!!! This is so exciting and I cannot wait to get started with my own business, sharing Forever Living’s health, beauty, fitness and wellbeing products with you. I should be getting my box of […]

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fashion :: summer lovin’

The weather is beautiful alllllll over the country at the moment – I’m already sun burnt after an hour or so in the sun in Lancaster, but I’m still smiling! I’m off to two great events in June: Cherish Conference in Leeds, and Download Festival with my mate. I cannot wait for both. However, I […]

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fashion :: if you dare

Now, of course I don’t know what your taste is when it comes to what you wear. But for me, the pattern, the colour, the fabric, the shape are ALL major factors in why I buy something, regardless of the price (my ultimate downfall). PATTERN If you were to open the doors of my full-to-the-brim […]

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