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Okay, okay, okay. I’m gonna get all excited on you.

Friday was my first proper day of trialing Forever Living Products and I can hand on heart say, I’m impressed. I had tried a selection of the products before when at my friend’s pamper party at a hair salon back home. But until you start to use them yourself, in your own time, you don’t quite get how good these products really are.

I was completely new to the brand, had never heard of the products or company before (except seeing my friend’s posts on Facebook) – quite surprising, now that I’ve learned they’re in 158 countries and own most of the world’s aloe vera.

I have used a number of Forever products so keep reading to hear which, and about how you can get your hands on them!


My skin is a pain at the moment as I used an exfoliator last weekend and suddenly came out in a mass of spots that just aren’t seeming to go away. Also, my face usually gets quite dry, particularly my forehead and my nose, while my cheeks are often quite oily. I don’t usually use anything on my face to be honest – I did use No7’s skincare range (the pink one) for a while, but I’m a bit stuck for money at the moment and so have just kinda given up. Regardless of what might be considered a “bad skincare routine”, I do wash my face daily with a Lush soap that’s super great for sensitive skin. I’m terrible at taking my makeup off before bed, but if I have a shower then obviously I wash it off.

Post-shower, I applied this lotion to my face in circular motions. It instantly made a difference. My skin didn’t feel clogged, like with a few other moisturisers I’ve tried before.

It claimed to be a good base under foundation, and for me, it definitely was. Here’s a picture of my nearly finished makeup afterwards. As you can see, it helped to smooth out the blemishes before I applied my foundation, and so I had no need for a primer. (N.B. This is pre blusher/bronzer and eyeshadow.)


When I read “gelly” I though hm, am I going to like this product?” because I thought it might be thick. Turns out I was wrong, and happily wrong at that. This product is a real treat.

The gelly is designed for “topical” use so I thought “problem areas”.

Ever since I was like I used to have little spots on my upper arms, we never really knew why but I have seen other people with them. They usually got quite itchy and when I once went to the doctors, they prescribed Fudicin (I think it’s called). It had somehow turned into eczema which was the reason for the prescription, but the cream never really worked – and then silly me lost the tube of stuff.

My arms are a lot less red after a couple of days of using this product. I can’t wait to see more results from using it.



I have a love-hate relationship with scrubs and exfoliators. I love using them on my body; I always feel super clean afterwards and have supple skin again. Yet, my face seems to detest them. I know exfoliators bring out all the bad stuff, but I don’t see any benefit of being spotty for like three weeks afterwards.

Anyway, this scrub was completely different. The “microspheres of Jojoba” were big enough to get deep into the pores, yet small enough to not feel like you were scrubbing all of your skin off. The scrub is like a minty blue colour (it’s so pretty haha) and yeah, I’d just recommend it.

I want to compare this scrub to this one below. One ASDA shop many moons ago, I ordered some facial wipes for my flatmate, and this scrub found itself in my baskets (for free!! hehe). So, I used it. And yes, it’s good. I would recommend this product.

However, I noticed something interesting about this product to do with all the descriptions given on the tube. The facial scrub clearly implies that it’s main ingredient is tea tree on the front of the tube. However, when you read the description on the back, tea tree isn’t even mentioned until the very last sentence. Weird, I thought. And I don’t know if tea tree has some kind of Latinate equivalent but I can’t find it in the list of ingredients.

The front of the tube also says it has aloe vera in, a similarity of course with forever Living’s scrub. The aloe vera in this product is listed as “Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder”. Sounded a little weird, so I googled.

The first website that came up gave me this definition:

the powder form of the aloe plant. It is obtained from dried leaves of the aloe plant and functions as a skin-conditioning agent.

Okay, so yeah, leaves of the aloe plant etc etc. But powder? Like surely you would want the juice as juice? Basically, it just made no sense to me.

Forever products start off as aloe vera and then other ingredients are added to it. This is what I loved. There’s no tampering with the aloe to make it into something it’s not, no heating it which would remove all the goodness anyway. So, why would you bother going for other products with aloe vera in, when you can treat your skin to the pure stuff.



I’m really impressed (as you may be able to tell) with all of the products that I’ve used so far. I am already seeing differences and I’m looking forward to continually use them.

If you think you’d like to purchase one of these products then let me know via a social media outlet or below in the comments.

For now, you can browse Forever’s products on the link to my online shop here:

If you scroll down and click on the ‘Beauty and Wellness’ section, you will find the lotion, gelly and scrub. Please let me know if you plan on buying anything!



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Lots of forever love,


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