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Hello again!

Today I waned to share with you a few more Forever Living products I’ve been using! These are just as great as the last, I can promise you that!


This duo are wonderful. My hair was so silky smooth after using them, and they both smell incredible.

I desperately need to stop washing my hair so much; I am one of those clean freaks. When I used this products, I could tell my hair was not going to go greasy the day after almost immediately, as it gets like that sometimes – we all have our own hair issues.

Basically, this stuff is a treat for your hair and why not give it a go. Nothing to lose.



*Third favourite Forever Living product!!*

I have used a propolis gel before by SBC (they’re always on QVC and my mum loves them) and it was so great for clearing up spots on my face.

So, having already tried two Forever products, I knew propolis plus aloe vera had to be a winning combination. I applied this last week to my face and it definitely helped to reduce the appearance of my pesky blemishes. I’ve been using it since and my spots have nearly cleared up. I’m so impressed.



What an awesome product. Practically a stick of aloe vera, this lip balm is super soothing, smells/tastes (if you’re into that) amazing and keeps your lips as soft as anything.

I really struggle with dry lips, particularly after a day or night if wearing lip liner and lipstick. I have started to put this on underneath all my lipstick and it’s actually helped everything to stay on better, for longer.

This product is ridiculously cheap too, so instead of popping out to Boots for a brand that is gonna cost you quite a bit for a good nourishing lip balm, you can get this lil beauty (and direct from my website!).


I’ve a few more of the main products to try, cannot wait to share them with you!

For now…

Lots of forever love,


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