life :: love

Love is not control. Love forgives. Love is not romantic. Love is hard. Love respects. Love gives without expectation of receiving. Love loves.   When I get sad, I get more sad about love. I often feel I give too much of myself away, that I love people too deeply and no one loves me […]

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life :: download

So while it’s still kinda fresh (and I finally am too after 5 days without a shower), I thought I’d tell you my highlights from Download Festival. It’s been over a week since I returned, but all the moments are still are the forefront of my mind. I even spotted someone in Lancaster town centre on […]

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forever :: update

It’s been a while since I discussed Forever Living’s products and thought I’d do a little catch up post. I’m still using their products daily, I really do have the aloe-bug. I have not found fault with a single product that I’ve tried yet. And even doing crazy things with them like putting their deodorant […]

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life :: plan plan planĀ 

So now that I’ve sent an email to the students union at my uni (Lancaster, in case you didn’t already know), I feel a bit happier to go public with a dream I’ve had since before even starting university. I want to set up a fashion society.  Now, I’ve had lots of negative feedback from […]

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life :: achievement

Not all those who wander are lost. – J.R.R. Tolkien What you need to know before you read this is, I am sat in front of my laptop, clicking the keys to type this, with tears of joy streaming down my face. And stuffing my face with chocolate raisins. And I should be revising, or […]

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