summer :: big blue

PART 1  28/06/16 It is now Thursday and I felt it time to reflect on our days so far.  Tenerife is so much more than I ever expected. Yes, so it’s just one of those islands commonly inhabited by Englishman during the summer months, but it’s also tropical, platano-infested and mountainous.  Maybe I am just […]

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summer :: holiday prep

Within what you can deem as “holiday planning” is our annual meal out. It has almost, if not definitely, become a pre-holiday ritual. As we always venture off around the date of my Gran’s birthday, it’s both a birthday celebration and a farewell (for 2 weeks). This year we chose the King Bill, a local […]

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fashion :: fuchsia 

Last night we were invited, as a family, to the wedding reception of our neighbour’s daughter.  It was so beautiful, and I was totally in awe of the decor. Love, love, love.  It was so lovely to have a special outing to go to with my family. With having been at university, it’s great to […]

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life :: first year 

*This was written on Monday* I’m writing this from the back seat of a full-to-the-brim car. I own all the stuff of course. I’m questioning how I have gathered this much c-r-a-p but I guess it’s too late to question it now. (This is the second time in 3 weeks I’ve “moved out”, lol.) I […]

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life :: MCR 

Hello all! Despite what has suddenly become dreary weather, I took a little trip into Manchester today.  I didn’t take as many photos as I may usually take but here’s a couple regardless… From Victoria I headed off for some lunch and then up into NQ. For once I didn’t go in a single shop […]

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life :: busy bee

Hello lovelies!  Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been giving myself a bit of a break.  Although blogging is a “hobby”, we all deserve a bit of headspace every so often.  That said, I went on a little walk to clear my head earlier tonight. Where I live is just SO beautiful.  Blogging […]

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food :: pack horse

If you live anywhere near me, you may have heard of The Pack Horse, in Affetside. I absolutely adore this place. Everything about it is just spot on, and also, they do amazing cocktails. Just saying. Yesterday afternoon my mum text me “Shall we go out for tea?” And let’s face it, it would be […]

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forever :: its nectar

*I was taught the (Northern, I assume) phrase “it’s nectar” earlier this year. It means = its good/class/top-notch. All that kinda jazz.* See my P.S. for how to get your own Forever products. Now that I’m back home and have the kitchen appliances I know how to use properly  (our oven’s symbols at uni were […]

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music :: joe bonamassa

The usual: *I am not nor intend to look like a model* disclaimer. Saturday night will go down as one of my favourite nights of music so far. Let me fill you in… Part II of my birthday present was seeing Joe Bonamassa in Preston; I couldn’t have asked for a cooler present. Although, truth be […]

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faith :: yours and mine

Disclaimer (because this post needs one as I’m gonna get deep…): If I in anyway offend you with this post, I truly apologise. It is not my intention. Everything I have written comes from my heart and my head. It is in no way directed at anyone. I take full responsibility if there are repercussions […]

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