life :: the resistance 

I used to claim I was a feminist until I realised that being a Christian and a feminist didn’t quite a line. The word feminist has been overstretched to encompass those who want female domination, over its original tie to the equality of men and women. God designed the human race with two specific genders […]

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life :: comparison

I’ve had this post half-written for a good six months now, and have decided it’s time to actually get it written and out there.  But before I start I just want to share this image with you: Comparison. The killer. The thief. The lie that plagues us all.  Realistically, unless you have the upmost confidence […]

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beauty :: copper

2016 left me feeling a little drab and a little worn out. In all honesty, my hair has never been in better condition, but I am in desperate need of a switch up and a trim.  So I have come to Prestige Salon in the centre of Lancaster.  The inspiration behind my new hair are the […]

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life :: learned and to learn

More and more recently I have been thinking of what path I’m on, and where I’m headed. I’m usually the one looking back, not wanting to let go of the past for fear that I lose people, lose memories, ultimately lose a part of myself. But I’ve grown to realise that that’s not the case. […]

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fashion :: ice queen

I woke on Wednesday morning to this view: Frosty to say the least.   While on the annual Boxing Day sale shop, which was very disappointing might I add, I came across a variety of t-shirt style dresses in Topshop. I’m not usually one for basic pieces, as you’d know if you ever opened up […]

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