fashion :: no fs given

When I hit puberty, I won’t lie, the weight piled on me, and frankly, I’ve struggled to lose it ever since. It’s not just been too many days on the sofa, or too much pizza. I used to binge eat quite often in my mid-teens, and that was my way of coping with the anxiety […]

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life :: an outgoing introvert

So it’s Wednesday, weekday boredom has already set in. This time last week, I found myself blogging in a lecture, while making notes for said lecture. Multi-tasking at its finest? Maybe. A friend from my church (Kings Church, Bolton) at home shared such a relatable article from ThoughtCatalog yesterday, and so I felt I had to […]

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love :: lessons

Have you ever thought about how nearly all songs are about love? My favourite is Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine, you just cannot beat it. But we’re saturated by it and I believe it’s getting to the point where we have just de-sensitised ourselves from love. It’s really just so sad. An article from Thought […]

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forever living :: remedies

Hello loveliessss. So this is a Forever Living related post so if it’s not for you feel free to stop reading and check out my other posts.  If you’ve been reading Kulayrosas for a while then you’ll know that as of last May, I became a business owner with the wonderful company that is Forever […]

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