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Hello loveliessss. So this is a Forever Living related post so if it’s not for you feel free to stop reading and check out my other posts. 

If you’ve been reading Kulayrosas for a while then you’ll know that as of last May, I became a business owner with the wonderful company that is Forever Living. And if you didn’t know, you do now! And you can read the posts I’ve already written: here, herehere, here, and here! That last post in particular is smoothie-related…trust me, youll want to read that one!

I didn’t really have time to work on my business and really get our message and products out there to all of you, as I was far too busy with exams and uni. But over summer I met with my upline manager about getting things back on track. And now nearly six months after that, I’m back for good. My shop had never closed but it’s officially open as of me directing you to it now! 

If you’re after any products that you hear me talk of, comment below, send me a text with your full name to 07507997633, or private message me on Facebook (Anna Mather). It’s much better if we discuss what you’re after so we can tailor things that will suit you. 

Just a reminder that our products 
And this is a link to my shop, if you fancy browsing products before we discuss them:

So I’ve been trying to get on a health kick this week. On Tuesday night, I signed up to the gym, and last night, I had my first time at Snap Fitness in Lancaster! Although, I ate 5 pancakes today with a heck of a lot of sugar, lemon, syrup and Maltesers spread (YES ITS A (delicious) THING), so I’m really gonna work hard! 

I’m going to be eating better too. Back to making meal plans for me hehe. I’ve been so bad this term, it’s not wonder I’ve been ill and lathargic when I’ve been eating next to nothing most days, but then madly stuffing my face when I have eaten. I’ve been silly. So it’s time for that to stop. 

Now as I’m saving for France, I’m being super careful not to overspend. The thing I spend most on is actually food shopping – something I need to cut down on. So in Tesco last night I kept it down to £25. Enough to by meat for at least 2-3 weeks, and plenty of vegetables. 

Then today, I went back to Snap for an hour to work off. I feel really great now. I can see why people go. With my endorphins pumping, I came home and had, guess what…another pancake. But I’m sticking to just that one today! It’ll be that, a shower and then off to university for the day. 

However, my post-gym remedy almost gives me as many endorphins as the exercise itself. It’s this heat lotion by Forever. Now, I’m not going to lie to you, it stinkssssss. It’s like Deep Heat on heat. But in my opinion, it works even better than Deep Heat! It targets exactly where you run it and soaks in nicely. My skin is also dead smooth after it too, always a bonus on your arms or your legs! Or your glutes (lol, booty)! It’s not an expensive lotion either, not compared to the length you go for relief after the gym. N.B. We’re not currently selling this lotion, however, I can put you down for one and then when they are stocked, I can sort you out with one. 

Now, when it comes to my face, my skin is temperamental af. So I use our Forever Moisturising Lotion on my body rather than on my face, and every week I use the Aloe Gelly on my face to soothe it. This is soooo good if you suffer from acne or have existing blemishes. It’s also great when you’re dying your hair…put it around your hairline, all the way round including the back of your neck. It collects the excess dye and stops it staining your face. Tried and tested by yours truly!!!

And one thing I’m going to try, that I’ve been told about by other lovely Forever ladies over on Facebook, is the hangover cure to best all hangover cures: the Argo Bomb. It is a can of our Fab or FabX drink/s mixed with a shot of our Argo and some water. N.B. The Fab needs to be flat so it enters your system quicker. Definitely up for trying that. 
So that’s all for this time, I’ll share some more things will you as I discover more Forever products for myself!
Love forever,


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