love :: dating

I’m not usually one for romance films, despite being a total romantic and dreaming of the perfect kind of love. (I feel sorts sad admitting that, but I think part of everyone desires perfect, unenhanced, raw love.) However, on Sunday night (or should I say Monday morning considering it ended at 2am), I watched the […]

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beauty :: treasures

Hey lovelies!  Thought it was about time to mix up my blog content, and what better way to do so than with a beauty post! I don’t often talk beauty, other than Forever related posts, mainly ‘cos it’s not my forte, and I much prefer fashion.  However, recently I’ve done a few beauty things, including […]

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faith :: shine

Awakenings of the heart truly open us up as people, and through them we learn more about ourselves. Yes, it is ok to shut yourself off from the world from time to time. And I just want to say that depression is pretty natural. So please, do not hate on yourself if you go through […]

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life :: curveballs

So something totally unexpected has occurred in the past week, taking me completely by surprise and knocked me off my feet. This is just one of the curveballs life has thrown at me of late. But, I’m glad to report that this is a curveball of happiness. All God’s timing, I expect. I am writing this post […]

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faith :: cross equals love

Happy Easter y’all lovely readers!!! Yesterday is the day that Jesus arose from the dead (!!!) and the most wondrous date for Christians. I love Easter for various reasons. Pure joy comes over me when we sing the annual Eastertime hymns at my gran’s church. And what child at heart doesn’t like waking up and eating […]

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life :: blessing upon blessing

Often, if not always, I’m baffled by my position in life. I don’t always have it easy, and at the moment downright evil forces are working against me, but I’m shielding myself as I mentioned in my last post, and am armed and ready for battle. One thing I never do is give in. The […]

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life :: advantages

Have you ever thought about how your decisions induce certain consequences? Like how you deserve what you get if you do something you’re not supposed to, or you’re usually rewarded if you’ve done something well.  We don’t always me to provoke a certain outcome, it can happen innocently and without intention. But we are left […]

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love :: you n me 

In the history of Kulayrosas, I’ve done two posts on love. And, to my surprise, they went down a treat. So I thought, after watching some preaches on sexual purity, and relationships on YouTube (links at the end of post), I would share my feelings. Whether you agree or disagree, please remember that this post […]

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