faith :: cross equals love

Happy Easter y’all lovely readers!!!

Yesterday is the day that Jesus arose from the dead (!!!) and the most wondrous date for Christians.

I love Easter for various reasons.

Pure joy comes over me when we sing the annual Eastertime hymns at my gran’s church. And what child at heart doesn’t like waking up and eating chocolate for breakfast?!

Last night we went to my Auntie and Uncle’s for dinner…hellooo lamb shanks!!! And one of my best friends…Prosecco.


Here’s my outfit for the church service…

I’m actually pretty chuffed with myself for putting this outfit together.  Self-obsessed much?! But for me recently, accessing my style has been difficult and I’ve slouched around in joggers for months.

But I feel a resurgence of my soul and with it my style. I am prepared to be much bolder, braver and outgoing, both personally and in the way I dress.

Wearing a metallic gold midi skirt like this to church was sure a risk, but a risk intended for greatness.

I felt so girly yet rather rocker, especially as I had paired it with my leather gilet from Topshop; which, I’ll have you know, I came home to find my father had been wearing it. It was in his wardrobe on a hanger. What is this?!

So, I have rightfully reclaimed what is mine, and layered it over a black turtleneck.

I really feel my ginger locks suit this look, as it adds another colour dimension, yet picks out the golden hue.

Metallic skirt: TU @ Sainsbury’s

Leather Gilet: Topshop

Turtleneck: Primark

Shoes: Primark

Necklace: ByInviteOnly

Cuff: Independent jeweller on artsy

Ring: Primark (from a set)

Earrings: Primark (years ago)



I hope your Easter has been blessed, and the rest of your year keeps you expectant and God abundantly restores you to your full potential.






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