love :: someone 

This post is being written at a time when I know there’s people in my world dealing with stuff. I hope my reflection on this topic will help someone and begin a healing process.  HEARTBREAK When heartbreak happens, it’s like being gutted with a knife like a fish. But, the thing to remember is you’re […]

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faith :: misconstrued

The morning after the Manchester bombing, I sat waiting to be taken home from my boyfriend’s, who left for work an hour ago.  When I’m home, I take a shower. I thank the Lord for my safety, and my friends’ safety.  Purse/All I Need Is You by Hillsomg Worship is playing while I’m in the […]

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forever :: unleash

As an undergraduate student, it’s that time of the year when exams have hit. I have already cried into my pillow, had a sleepless night, taken my anxiety medication and had a panic attack. THIS IS NOT IDEAL. AND THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yesterday, I sat two exams, one being what I thought would be […]

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kulayrosas :: plans

Okay so my blog is doing really well at the moment, and my life is falling in to place nicely too.  So I’ve decided to add another facet to Kulayrosas and begin making YouTube videos. I will always link to them in posts, and will post updates and new videos on social media. It would […]

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love :: before us

Gosh, I publish one post on dating, and then 6 hours later I have more ideas. Four days later, I’m back in front of my laptop typing away. And now today I’m finalising the post, ready to be published. So, here goes another post. I really should be revising, with exams only a week (make that 5 days) […]

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fashion :: peak

Okay, so I wanted to share with you the images, and outfits, that have peaked my interest of late. Of course, there are so many. Too many to not share with you lol. BAG IT Now, I’m not a massive bag person. Obviously I love a good one on my arm. And being a girl, […]

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forever :: summer desires

Summer is coming. I don’t know what the weather has been like for you wherever you’re reading this from, but up here in Lancaster, it’s been superb. I got myself off to the gym on Friday, after fully contemplating the idea of not wearing a bikini on the beach over summer, out of embarrassment. As […]

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life :: 30

Inspired by Glamour’s “12 things that seem like a good idea at the time”, I’m comprising 30 of those things.  I thought this would be something a bit more entertaining, especially for me as writing this is a welcomed break from learning the whole International Phonetic Alphabet Yes, you read that right.  So here […]

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fashion :: stylist 

So, today I have decided to begin learning how to become a fashion stylist.  I hope you will support me on this journey, perhaps I’ll be of service to you one day! I started by today watching Amber Renae’s Ultimate Fashion Stylist Insider webinar online. It has really helped me learn the general basics of […]

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