life :: declutter

To put it bluntly: I am not satisfied with my life. And, I know that I probably never will be. It’s an issue of mine that I genuinely struggle with, even my mum could back me up on that. But, after what has been an emotional evening of illness and minor conflict, I’m typing at […]

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forever :: infinite

When it comes to ageing, one aspect that Forever can help be a positive influence on is your skin routine. Our incredible new line of skincare introduces remarkable formulas and natural ingredients that work together to restore the skin’s moisture balance, stimulate healthy collagen levels and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infinite by […]

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life :: pace

I’m an impatient bugger.  I try so hard to slow down and be a little more patient. But often, I find myself racing  life and experiences etc etc. I do still enjoy everything, especially to begin with. However after a while, I find myself bored.  Learning to pace myself and pace the things I want […]

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forever :: festivalĀ 

So after not being able to go to Download Fetsival this year, I am missing my rock home and feeling rather blue (I am also ridiculously hungover – professionalism at its finest). I absolutely adored it the last two times I went; festivals are a blast.   But, as we know the “downside” (personally I […]

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life :: friendships

Since I’ve covered dating more than once, and a host of other topics, I thought why not discuss an important part of growing up: friendships.  I’m not going to focusing on ‘making’ friends, but rather friendships and what they mean to me, and what they could/should mean to you.  THEY ARE NOT EASY Friendships go […]

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life :: outgrow

Inspired by the post 8 Signs You’re Outgrowing Your Current Life, I’m targeting this post at those of you who feel you just don’t fit in your skin anymore. I read this article in Oh Comely magazine not long back about how we grow out of ou skin every 7 years, and with each is […]

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