life :: new beginnings

You could say that with finishing second year, life has slowed down.

But in no way is that a reality.

Despite summer beginning, and my 20th birthday passing (the Friday just gone Thursday eek!), I still find myself busy.

But not “busy” busy, you know that kind of busy when you think you’re busy but you’re actually just faffing.

No, I’m actually busy. I’m working away at my business day on day, growing it, and gaining more attraction day on day. 

And it’s soooo much fun. I love grabbing my morning shake, taking my aloe and supplements and sitting down to work – or, getting on my Facebook and sharing things like the business opportunity, the products or tips to get into better shape using aloe vera.

Yesterday, I attended a vital training on how to coach team members, and how to show them the amazing business opportunity we offer.

Here’s us from Team Virtue and the wider A Team giving it a big GINGER MASSIVE fist pump, after Richard McCann’s life-impacting talk ‘iCan’. 

I can feel myself thriving with thanks to Forever, my upline/sponsor, and the other business owners within the wider team and company.

Just love it.


I used to get so down and so inward, but I’m learning to be much more open-minded and expressive in the right way.

To be 20 and have such a wonderful, enjoyable life feels like a true gift.



And then, theres the big one. The year I go abroad for a minimum of 8 months. The crazy, time-of-your-life experience I get to enjoy with being a French student.

Libourne is my destination and I’m so unbelievably excited to unravel the town and discover it’s gems.

Teaching English in a school in the town is going to open my eyes to the real world, and allow my skills and dreams to develop even more. And I cannot wait for that.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted with updates, pictures and stories as the year unfolds. Keep updated with me daily by following me on Instagram @ku_layrosas. 


There’s one special shout out I have to make. And that’s to my best friend Alice.

Alice and I go to university together and are on the same course: Linguistics.

We knew of each other in first year, but we’re thrown together in the first seminar of our English Grammar module back in the first term of second year.

Since then, Alice has pulled my arse out of bed every day, taught me the importance of dedication, and got me just a little tipsy.

What Alice didn’t know at the time (but does now), is that I went to bed nearly every night of first term of second year praying that God would one day allow me to be close to Alice, and for her to be my best friend. And look at us now.

I don’t quite think Alice has any idea just how much she means to me. I feel like I’ve gained a sister, not just a best friend.

And, she’s so beautiful too. I know how to pick them. 🤷🏻‍♀️.

If you’re reading, I am honoured to be your best friend. And I love you.

And, I’m going to fly you out to France. And, I’m going to visit you over summer. I promise with all of my heart.


So now that I’m no longer a teenager, I thought I better take some time to reflect. 

That’s something I always say isn’t it? 

There’s always an excuse to reflect… But this time, let’s look back. 

In this photo I was about 8. It was ME who taught her to be cool. And how to pose like you wanna be on the cover of Vogue. 

When looking back at this photo, I’m filled with so many happy memories of the time we spent in France every year for a good 15 years. 

All that and my sudden natural ability at languages (this isn’t pretentious, they’re the only academic thing other than English that I’m notably good at) must surely have resulted in me being in the position I am now: the summer of (intense) preparation. 

The above photo makes me realise…I have always been extra. 

And this, I look no different. My hair is still a mess. And my cheeks are still that chubby. And my smile is still that wonky. 

Oh, and I still spill food/drink down my front every once in a while (every meal). 



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