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Beauty was always a side-line to my love of fashion until I undertook the role of Fashion & Beauty Editor of SCAN. It opened my eyes to talking about something just as, if not even more, artistic than fashion. 

Ever since I was little, I always loved doing my eyeshadow and that still continues to this day. I wish I could go out with full-blown eye-makeup every day!

I also love it when other people ask me to do their eyeshadow, like my best girls at uni Alice, Josie and Laura – whose eyeshadows I did for our university parties called “extravs”. 

I went totally crazy for Pendle extrav. But I had so much fun going to a party like that:

Pinterest is my favourite destination for inspiration, particularly for hair & beauty. The following are from my Hair & Beauty board which I add to constantly – totally head of heels in love with all of these looks. 


Total girl crushing on these ladies and their MUA-standard skills. Goals. 

Now that it’s summer, I can’t wait to try out some of these looks. I particularly love the bold orange lids, and gold eyeliner. The petrol colours are awesome and would really work in winter, particularly for Christmas parties and NYE.  

I LOVE experimenting but you really have to have confidence to pull these looks off, and make sure their event-appropriate. 

To the haters:



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