fashion :: asos haul

*Please note: I will update this post in the next few days when I’ve had chance to put on the clothes and take some photos*


Ok, this was the haul of all hauls. I bought 11 items – yes, 11! 10 items of clothing and 1 pair of shoes.

I was happy with all but two pieces – a dress that was nice and did fit nicely, but just wasn’t right; and a pair of pajamas, the top had been shredded at the front and it certainly was not me who did it.

This is my last spend of the university term. I am saving madly for my French trip to Normandy and my romantic getaway to Vienna, and then for the possibility of a trip my with boyfriend and family in August. We will see how the spending ban goes.

So, anyway, back to my most important purchases…

The Basics

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a pinkish/nudish top with a slightly lowered hem at the back, and I had been waiting to purchase it. And so the time came. It’s not quite as nice as I thought, and is a lot more “boxy”, but the colour is true and will look nice with a patterned skirt or ripped jeans.

Second in the basics pile is a grey marl tee with a white collar thing (you know around the neck hem). It is super comfy and relaxed. I know it’ll be just perfect for those days where I just can’t be bothered to put on a dress, or for when I want to go cook dinner downstairs with my flatmates.

Thirdly, a long-sleeved striped t-shirt that will be perfect under my pinafore-style dresses. Like the tee, it is super comfy and wearable.


This is where ASOS excelled itself. I didn’t think the black denim dress would actually suit my petite yet roundly plump body shape, but it did. It’s slight tailored look draws attention away from my boobs and towards my little waist, defining it a little more. Watch out for this later on this week on my Instagram @ku_layrosas as I’m out with a friend for cocktails, I can’t wait to style it.

The second denim piece is a little light blue skirt, with thick silver buttons running down the middle. At the moment, it is a little bit stiff and so doesn’t quite fit. But I’m sure after some gym time and plenty of vegetables, it’ll fit perfectly. It’s true that I already own a denim skirt, but it’s a very dark denim. I also find it quite flimsy; it moves too much so I have to put a fitted skirt underneath to hold it in placed. Nah, nah, ain’t having that.

Statement pieces

First, a gypsy blouse. Floaty and floral, this blouse is one of those pieces you can take from day to night. It’s super-wearable. to be honest, it’s not the best cut for my figure, but it looks lovely under my fur gilet and with the above denim skirt.

Second is a floral skirt by Motel (at ASOS). I love this piece. It’s mostly black, but the floral pattern is in pastel shades of blue, purple, yellow and a goldy-brown. It fits perfectly and like the blouse, is the perfect piece for day to night wearing.


I am really pleased with all of these pieces – they work great with my existing wardrobe favourites but just add a little bit extra for the new year. January blues are hitting but my wardrobe should keep me feeling, or at least looking, on top of the world.

Comment below if there’s anything you’d like me to discuss or that you’d like to read about in the future – I am willing to write about anything!




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