blessings and curses of what is or may be

Well, well, well. Haunted by infrequency, here I am once again. Writing escaped me for a long while but now that it’s 2022, I want to get back into it again and explore that side of my creativity. What a year 2021 was. A real test of my patience, strength, faith - the list is… Continue reading blessings and curses of what is or may be

endless spirit and lessons from building a business

It has been a wild few months of launching a business from scratch, literally from my bedroom. It has been endless fun, I cannot lie, but it has also been stressful at times. There have been many lessons and while I'm still learning, I thought the business building topic might make for an interesting read.… Continue reading endless spirit and lessons from building a business

influencing with intention

Once upon a time, I wanted to be one of those Instagram bloggers. Not a full-blown influencer, but you know, a few more followers and core fashion content full of looks and style ideas. However, I started to realise this wasn’t my calling. I found it wasn’t important to me anymore, and it was becoming… Continue reading influencing with intention