year abroad :: bordeaux

Living in Bordeaux has been so much cooler than I expected. My flatmates are super sweet, give the best advice, find me funny (lol) and love a party as much as the next person. We have spent many a night gathered in the lounge, music blasting – it’s so great to have genuine friends to […]

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style :: questioned

Tout feu, tout charme It’s late on the first Monday night of June and I’m flicking through June/July’s Parisian Vogue as I watch a Netflix drama on an American robbery case. I have not had as relaxed an evening as this in a while. I have soothed my skin with my Sonya Nourishing Serum by […]

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year abroad :: fresh

Within the 22 days I’ve not posted, life appears to have been rather dull. I’ve really been struggling to deal with my emotions and battling against my mental health. I began to feel rather numb and rather lost, which has made both working and my social life difficult. But, I knew this Year Abroad wasn’t […]

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life :: become

To add to all the excitement of moving away tomorrow, this weekend consisted of parties and more parties. Tonight will see the ‘last supper’ before I go, we get so sentimental as a family. I’ll probably be back at Christmas! LES AMIS I decided to throw a little ‘Bon Voyage party, inviting all the girls […]

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life :: self

Okay so, I should really be concentrating on getting things sorted for France…BUT there’s a current topic floating around the media that I just have to talk about. I’m entitling this post ‘self’ because that’s exactly what it’s going to be about. I was watching Loose Women a month ago now¬†– youthful programme I know […]

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life :: sister sister

After feeling cramped in the house doing university work pre-France, and my sister having to practically¬†teach herself a GCSE Geography module over summer, we both decided to change up our study locations. So, we took the Metro from Radcliffe to Market Street, Manchester with the plan to study in Manchester Central Library. Post-delicious hot chocolate […]

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faith :: church hop pt.2

So after a packed morning at Kings, Sophie dropped a beautiful bombshell… We’re having roast dinner at mine. Oh yes. I hadn’t had a roast dinner in SO long so I was so excited. And it was so good, and lovely to meet Sophie’s parents too, who are equally as bubbly and hilarious as Sophie. […]

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summer :: penang pt.5

My memory of our Penang days are blurring together now, so I’m going to be sharing the notable events and trips we went on during our last few days on the island. KEK LOK SI After hearing about our parents’ wondrous visit to the Kek Lok Si Temple, Ruth and I got the chance to […]

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summer :: penang pt.4

The evening of day 2 saw us have dinner as a family of four at Sigi’s, where we had some truly outstanding food! My henna looked fabulous with my ring on and against my metallic green bag. And the skyline on the walk to the hotel room was just incredible. Day Two’s Snapchat story: DAY […]

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