influencing with intention

Once upon a time, I wanted to be one of those Instagram bloggers. Not a full-blown influencer, but you know, a few more followers and core fashion content full of looks and style ideas.

However, I started to realise this wasn’t my calling. I found it wasn’t important to me anymore, and it was becoming something I idolised rather than enjoyed.

I’ve done quite a bit of a wardrobe update recently, yet I haven’t got round to sharing any of it on Instagram nor on here, Kulayrosas. I’m blaming that on a 35 hour working week but hey ho, at least my wardrobe is paid for.

The updates include a couple of new jackets mostly, but then SimplyBe came through with a couple of midi dresses that are going to be perfect for my trip to France and also the warmer summer whether – yep, I’m hopeful!

There’s not many “influencers” I religiously follow, and Chloe Plumstead’s blog is about the only thing I read in terms of legitimate awesome blog content. Some of the old bloggers I used to follow only do Insta now which is actually really sad. I hope they start up again. The following from Plumstead is something I want to try and emulate from now on. And I love her honesty.

My SimplyBe haul also contained two midi skirts. One is this gorgeous summery green colour and I’ve worn it for two days straight already! I got some thigh high cowboy boots from SB too and they’re comfy and look great with the skirt. I’ve pair them with a long-sleeved black jumper because, let’s face it, it’s still nippy out there!

I’m trying to be really transparent in life with everyone I meet. I am very authentic in my word choices on Kulayrosas, but my Instagram is definitely more of an edited version of my life. I need to use it more and speak more. I want to share more on stories and really get going building a following by helping others and promoting self-healing and spreading the love.

So here goes my attempts to be really honest and transparent from here on out. No pretention, no hype, no edits.



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