Small strokes in unchartered waters: on Easter Sunday, a Spring in bloom & the need for nourishment

Hola hola, it’s me. If you didn’t already know, I don’t have much time to sit and write anymore but I miss writing. I’m now blocking out a daily half an hour to an hour for this so here we are in the midst of that time. So here are some unpublished entries for you… Continue reading Small strokes in unchartered waters: on Easter Sunday, a Spring in bloom & the need for nourishment

year ‘21 of the 21st century

Well, well, well. What a while it has been. Here we are, a fresh new year full of opportunity but we’re fourteen days in and it still feels very much like 2020. Or is that just me? In truth, I have about twenty half-written posts in my drafts, semi-constructed of themes I wanted to explore,… Continue reading year ‘21 of the 21st century

endless spirit and lessons from building a business

It has been a wild few months of launching a business from scratch, literally from my bedroom. It has been endless fun, I cannot lie, but it has also been stressful at times. There have been many lessons and while I'm still learning, I thought the business building topic might make for an interesting read.… Continue reading endless spirit and lessons from building a business

on leading a simpler life at all costs

On the 28th April, I woke up and instantly felt burnt out. Lockdown rock bottom. I am in no way affected by this virus in an overwhelming way; I'm not a key worker, I haven't had any real symptoms, and my family hasn't been affected. But I still feel hit by it. As I wrote… Continue reading on leading a simpler life at all costs

notes on nurture

I tend to compile blog posts over several days, and the thoughts don't tend to flow as parallel as they are today. I only just published my last post, so I will schedule this for another day, but I like to add content. So know this was written on the same day, after an inspiring… Continue reading notes on nurture

on lockdown and loving life

I didn’t expect lockdown to be this good for my mental health. I never expected to say this either. So yes, as unexpected as it is, I have found lockdown to have given me the time needed to catch up and take stock of the past months. Last summer I was really struggling with my… Continue reading on lockdown and loving life

unlocking in lockdown

So how’s lockdown got you? If you’re anything like me, and like your freedom, you’re starting to feel cooped up? To be honest, I have felt like that, a hen forced to stay in a cage. But, towards the end of this week, that feeling has subsided. I’m now pretty much used to this feeling… Continue reading unlocking in lockdown

apocalyptic weirdness

So as I sit here typing, freshly washed and bathed, face mask on and nail varnish drying, I can’t help but feel weird. Coronavirus is obviously really serious but it’s really tough to stay isolated and in your own home. Today I should have been off to France for eight days, and it’s heart-wrenching that… Continue reading apocalyptic weirdness

influencing with intention

Once upon a time, I wanted to be one of those Instagram bloggers. Not a full-blown influencer, but you know, a few more followers and core fashion content full of looks and style ideas. However, I started to realise this wasn’t my calling. I found it wasn’t important to me anymore, and it was becoming… Continue reading influencing with intention

squeezing the fun out of life

Think of a time you’ve squeezed a lemon until it’s dry. The juice dripping into the cup, or the bowl. You may have been making a cake, or perhaps a cocktail. Now think about doing that, but with your life. Yeah? No. We want to stay full, and whole and keep that fun inside the… Continue reading squeezing the fun out of life