resuming the craft and filling you in

A summary of what has been going on in my life since January. I have missed blogging so much but I am back, baby. Time to get my head in the game and create some delicious written content for you to enjoy once again. Who wants fresh fashion posts? Or maybe more wellness and mental health posts? I am here either way and firing on all cylinders to get creative this cosy autumn. Let’s go, girl.

blessings and curses of what is or may be

Well, well, well. Haunted by infrequency, here I am once again. Writing escaped me for a long while but now that it’s 2022, I want to get back into it again and explore that side of my creativity. What a year 2021 was. A real test of my patience, strength, faith - the list is… Continue reading blessings and curses of what is or may be