resuming the craft and filling you in

These days go by way too fast.

I pledged to blog more this year, and here we are, 3 days into October with next to zero progress in the blog post department. I don’t know whether I put it down to creating a lot of visual content for Instagram, or whether it’s because I spend my working life writing content, but either way, I miss writing. Spending that little bit of time typing out my thoughts, the click clack of the keyboard as my thoughts race. There’s no better release than clicking publish at the end of a post.

So this October 3rd, I’m renewing my pledge to be an active blogger again. If it takes weekly reminders on my phone then so be it. I’ve so much coming up even in October itself that I just have to document it. Future me is going to want to look back on these days, and definitely read what it was like, not just looking and seeing.

Let’s have a check-in then, yes? Where do we start?

Mental health. Let’s start there. For once, this is an easy once. I am in such a good place. Despite a heavy, taxing commute, my work inspires me and leaves me feel vibrant. After a mixed work history, being almost a whole year into this job, I am overjoyed to feel so inspired and creative. It’s been really beneficial for my mental health to work in a creative environment, make new friends out of awesome colleagues, and have fun on a daily basis. It is really inspiring to watch the brand I work for grow as we all put effort into our individual responsibilities.

Physical health wise, things aren’t the best. While I remain positive, I am suffering quite badly with weight fluctuations and symptoms of my PCOS. I try to keep my confidence up by wearing clothes I love and showing myself lots of love and care, but it can be tough when the physical appearance isn’t showing my actual efforts. I definitely need more and better sleep, although I have been getting into a routine that does suit me. I just need to remember to put my phone down at least an hour before bed and slowly switch off.

It’s not long at all now until I go on holiday!!! That really does require three exclamation marks. I’m so excited. A few days in one place, and a few more in another. It is set to be a great trip and I can’t believe my friends are going to finally meet my boyfriend after all this time. So wonderful. So excited.

And onto Instagram. Probably the reason for my lack of blogging, if I’m completely honest with myself. But, I don’t care what people say, this platform has really been there for me for a long time now. I haven’t focused on growth as much as maybe I could have, and I haven’t always created the best content out there, but I love how free it makes me feel. Creating aesthetically pleasing posts and using colours from my everyday lifestyle, and clothes, and daily habits, all of this combined gives me such a buzz. It’s given me an outlet that sometimes I don’t always get when I write blog posts. Writing is always there for me, but it was getting to the point where I was planning posts rather than letting them flow. And for me to feel accomplished, things have to flow. See the below post for some of my favourite outfits this year (and two years ago, right at the start).

So all in all, a mixed bag. But a positive mixed bag. I’m hoping that as I continue to find better routines and adopt better habits, my physical health will get in line. Although I am definitely going to be reaching out to the doctors again for more help managing my PCOS. But other than that, to say I’m in a good place, knowing full well that I truly mean that, is not only a testament to my own resilience, but a massive gratitude moment. I’m so grateful for the people in my life who have kept me upright when I felt like I was drowning, who have hugged me and told me it’s going to be okay, and the people who have told me to keep going and take the next step.

All my love for now.



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