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It’s that time of  year. I have been feeling it for a while now, perhaps more than any other year, and since the 1st December has well and truly passed, it is now socially-acceptable to sing ” IT’S CHRISTMAS” in the streets (debatable, but I’d be singing with you…

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There is something about festivities that bring out the best in everyone. Plenty of smiles are shared, and there really is that Christmas spirit. It is a real time of joy and celebration, that allows for all to join in and revel in the glory of Christmas.

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Yesterday lunchtime, my housemates and I sat down with some classic Christmas tunes on, cups of tea, ginger snaps and dished out our Secret Santa presents. It was too cute, and I adore my little gifts from Ebba.

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Church today kicked off with a Christmas dinner for us student; so delicious, confirmed by the number of people going back for seconds! This was, surprisingly, my first Christmas dinner of the festive season, and has only made me more excited for Christmas Day with the family!

And thus, I want to share some deeper thoughts that have come to me over this festive time, that is nowhere near begun yet…

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This coming Tuesday will mark two weeks until that very special day, and I pray that in this time of joy, we don’t lose sight of what Christmas really means. Having attended two carol services already, it’s hard to forget that right at the heart of Christmas is the birth of a baby boy, who was named Jesus.

festive 7

Jesus is the centre of Christmas, and without the birth of that baby long ago, we would have no Christmas to celebrate. There would be no commercialised Christmas markets, no Christmas dinner, no Mariah Carey hit to sing along to. I do find it a shame that this beautiful baby is today lost among the heavily decorated trees, fruit wreaths and mulled wine.

festive 2

At this time, may we remember that Jesus remains, and for so many people this is the true meaning of Christmas, and in reality, Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas; it’s much deeper than just spending ‘time’ with your loved ones.

Emmanuel means ‘God with us’, a reminder of God’s faithfulness to His people. God is so good and so kind to us, and may we not forget that during the hectic nature of this season. But may we also not forget, in the midst of the Christmas madness and joy, that…

You are so, so loved.

festive 6

So enjoy this Christmastime to come, I’m sure to have plenty of joyful stories to share with you. Spend time learning the true meaning, and enjoy God’s glory.


Love ,


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