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A constant invitation, that is what He offers us.

Maybe that is quite an intense way to begin a blog post, but sometimes we need to be hit with the truth. Truth gives us confidence, and instills trust, whether that be trust in someone, or trust in something higher.

true 7

Confidence is heralded by the world; it is the upmost trait of a person, and it is desired by so many. “Oh I wish I had the confidence to do that”, “Oh I wish I had your confidence” are uttered constantly. And if only people would realise that to have confidence, you need to find confidence first.

See, there was a time I ran about like a headless chicken, was defined as reckless, and made out to have no clue to what I was actually doing. Well, there now is a time where I am anchored. I am moving about the place constantly, perhaps still verging on reckless but I definitely am not clueless. My faith is constant, and God is the only constant in my life.

true 6

The reason I adore references to God as ‘Anchor’, is because it perfectly depicts how God grounds us on Earth. We are in the world, not of it, and kept grounded by an anchor. We still float on top of the waves, that like to crash down on us as storms brew and devour and subside. But our course never changes. And our God never changes.

There’s many a time where we need something to hold on to, and something to believe in. Hope is something we all need, yet we often find hope in things that won’t give us eternal peace.

So at this time of year when we may or may not be in search of hope, I pray you take note of God’s constant invitation. His truth is shared even more so this festive period, and his invitation is ever more present.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas! And a happy new year.



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