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While the cold breeze whistles its way through the crunchy Autumn leaves, my scarf whips up, flying in the air, only to nestle softly in a shallow puddle of murky rainwater.

It is this kind of chaos I am experiencing of late – no matter my outfit choice, it is always blown away, quite literally, by the wind. Take yesterday, for example. There I was, bustling through a busy Preston train station on my way to my connecting journey, when, to my horror, the wind whipped onto the platform and up under my blouse, revealing my entire chest and torse to a crowd of soon-to-be fellow passengers. Mortifying. At least “it’s a nice bra”, my friend’s comment ran through my head.

chaos 3

We are in a fashion crisis at the moment, truly existing in chaos. The universal image is torn at the edges and ripped at the seams. It’s paired back to minimal, but swathed with mischievousness and imperfection. Translating this into fashion should be effortless, yet it escapes me. Rather than ascending into a poof of the chicest glory, I find myself drowning under a mountain of fabric, all Made in Turkey.

chaos 1

How I can get my lost train of a wardrobe back on the tracks, who knows. While I like complications, the lack of harmony between weather-fashion-season is undermining my deeper style. In fact, I would go as far as to say, it’s wreaking havoc.

chaos 2

Writing for Her Campus Lancaster is helping me to keep inspired, yet I need to get back on Pinterest for outfit inspiration if I’m really going to make an effort. I dread the hoodie and jeans look; and library me is slowly becoming obsessed with comfy jumpers. Need.To.Stop.

chaos 4

I am loving living in a house with my friends, and Ebba, Alice and Zoe all dress so well that I get a lil too fangirly every morning. Dressing up for a night out is also Alice and mine’s favourite thing; so we spend a lot of time doing our hair & makeup and deciding what to wear. It’s probably the best part of the night!

chaos 5

For now, check out my articles on Her Campus Lancaster, there’s a few fashion ones to come! And as usual, you can always find me on SCAN.

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