faith :: in reverse

While holed up in Lancaster’s public library, for the first time in fact, I watched a video of Steven Furtick preaching on worry.

This guy, I mean, he’s just the one you need to get you through a bad day. Sometimes it’s as if God speaks right to me through his words, in a deep and passionate way that isn’t distracted or complicated by confusing jargon, or biblical stories.

Worry is a constant in my life. My battle with anxiety endures time, but now that I’m in charge of it, I am less plagued with anxious thoughts that result in horrific worry.

As Furtick indeed states, worry is circular. If you do not break that circle, it’s impossible to stop spinning and spinning into a frenzy of worry.

Meditate with your source before your situation.

I’ve learned the importance of the source being the Bible, i.e. God’s word. Whether you choose to take the Bible literally or not, God expands us through His word, builds us up, yet all the while giving us that constant reality check, and knocking us down a peg or two when necessary.

You are spoken for, called, named, chosen, set apart, found.

Love thy neighbour.

Break that cycle of worry. Worship needs to come before it.

Just some thoughts…



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