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So many times a day we betray our wild and wonderful selves in an attempt to blend in—and for what? The greatest joy occurs when we get out of our own way and allow for the unearthing of our unedited soul. -TheGoodTrade

Happy Sunday lovelies!

above water 2

A new week begins tomorrow, and after a gorgeous yet rainy weekend at home, I am feeling content. This weeks holds a lot of importance with having two assessments, both French.

I am, however, thoroughly enjoying final year. Despite a poor start, what with having flu for five weeks and the personal plague of migraines returning in full force, I feel like my comeback has been made.

autumn to do 11

My Forensics Linguistics’ module is a particular highlight, as well as the fact I’ve made two new friends, Chloe and Stephanie, thanks to One-Stop English, where I volunteer as an English Language Assistant every Wednesday for an hour. Co-editing Her Campus Lancaster gives me a continuously joyful sense of achievement, and in our last chapter feedback, I received the most lovely comment about my writing: “lyrical”. If you’d like to give the article a read, click here.

autumn to do 13.jpg

Being Carolynne Online Editor for SCAN has its stresses, especially what with scheduling a hefty amount of but I take a real sense of pride in being an important part, and half of, the online team for SCAN. If you do go to Lancaster University, and have no idea what SCAN is, have a look here, and check out our paper copies around campus, particularly on your way into the library and into the Learning Zone via the North Spine entrance.

november 3

So while this year does have a mountain of responsibilities and a ton of pressure, I’m still managing to hold myself together mentally, and even (occasionally) make it to the gym. All I need to allocate time for now is going back to CityChurch, serving God and building more valuable relationships.

I am really proud of how I have handled myself this year, and despite anyone’s opinions on what I have and haven’t got up to, 2018 has been the most incredible year of my life so far, with significant realisations, an immense growth in my faith in God, and also made me into a more streetwise, well-rounded human, with a generous and forgiving heart.

autumn to do 1.png

Although I spend a lot of time editing and uploading on my Instagram, I do feel the need on Kulayrosas to show an unedited side. I remember once the comment “I don’t like Anna the fashion blogger”, and I feel I have really developed as a person since and as a result of those words.

Make your own mind up about my personality, but I truly hope the real me comes through some of the words. I only write out of love for expression and language.




Anna x

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