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Wow, it feels like forever since I have contributed some words. But here I am, returned in force to hit you with some Monday mid-afternoon thoughts.

Despite it being my favourite time of year this (past) week: Halloween and Bonfire Night, I’ve been lacking inspiration like never before. Having been ill with flu what what feels like a good two months (no lie, I have had flu for six long weeks now), I’ve been that worn out that my university attendance is shocking, bordering on diabolical and I finally got myself off to the doctors about my excruciating migraines I am plagued with at least once a week.

Armed with scary-sounding medication (beta blockers) and Nurofen, I have been solidly making it onto campus since last Thursday, and vow to never miss a day again. I am praying to God I can follow through on that promise.

Tonight, the students’ union at Lancaster (LUSU) will be putting on the annual fireworks display and I am beyond excited. There’s something about fireworks that set my soul on fire. Perhaps it’s the childhood memories of watching them blast from my Auntie & Uncle’s back garden, after both my dad and uncle ran back and forth to light them. Perhaps it’s childhood memories of drawing our names with sparklers as a family. Or, those toffee apples and family festive cheer. Whatever it is, I just love it when they go bang and light up the sky.

I witnessed some pretty incredible firework displays while living in France, particularly the one in Libourne. Memories like that last forever.

With every crackle and boom of a firework, I make a new wish. And it’s something I urge you to do too.

This weekend, I enjoyed LightUp Lancaster. The town was alive with light installations and hundreds of Lancastrians descended for the festival. It is by far my favourite time of year in the city, and I assure you it’s one not to miss.



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