life :: unplanned


– a person who wanders from place to place […]

The unexpected things are the best right? That surprise holiday, that surprise family visit, that surprise best-friend-on-the-doorstep, even that “shall we go to the pub?” question.

We waste so much energy on planning. You get yourself all busy up in your diary, jotting down everything little detail of your day, week, month, year ahead – i.e. obsessing over what’s to come rather than putting your fluffy, rose-gold ink pen down, and revelling in the present. Open the front door and step out, even if it means popping out in your slippers (that you totally think can pass as real shoes).

Just stop. Scrunch it in a ball and throw it in the bin. That’s it, chuck it.

Get over yourself.

No one but you cares about nor for that ‘life plan’ and c’mon gal, are you really going to stick to it?

Abandon it. Move on. Get living.

Lorraine Candy, Editor-in-Chief of The Sunday Times Style magazine, speaks with reason:

I realise the reckless ridiculousness of trying to make life fit to expectations you think you are supposed to have.

Life’s spontaneity derails you and your “perfect” little plan when you don’t allocate time for it, or when you think you’ve planned enough to avoid any and all potential mishaps and complications.

You know, I’m only two years into my twenties and already I’m surrounded  by married couples, engagement announcements, and babies, oh so many babies. I am all for all of these ‘magical’ life moments, but at 21? ah. Girl, I still enjoy sticking on my furry pyjamas and dunking gingernuts into my cocoa before hitting the hay.

I’m still in that:

…cycle of unmade beds, unpaid TV licenses, empty fridges, overdraft charges, damp flats…prosecco hangovers…”

stage that Dolly Alderton talks of. N.B. Every TV license is paid for, in case debt collectors are reading. And, I’m very happily within that, thank you.

You will be amazed at how fast you can turn the bleakness, insecurity and pain of your 20s into something really rock’n’roll in your memory. -Dolly Alderton

There’s a lot of things in your twenties that happen. I’m 21 and already it’s tough, challenging and chockablock of things I really do, and really don’t, want to do.

I’ve learned a lot so far, something new everyday. I feel happy to be growing; growing in faith, growing in compassion, growing in spirit.

It is incredible to live a life so diverse. My life in France was the most wonderful time, and although I miss it every single day, I’m thankful for the growth it gave to me.

I have a year of university ahead, and the rest of my life to come. What a dream.



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