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You are the echoes of my days

Happy Tuesday my lovelies. How are we over half-way through October already?!


Last week I had a lovely Sunday at CityChurch in Lancaster, where I met lots of new people. I’m very excited to go back and spend more time praising God and spending time with all these new people.

The message was about the vision for CityChurch and where God is taking us next. I love how this church wants to be a community that loves like Christ and builds relationships with sinners, not just other Christians. It was spoke of how Jesus is never painted with people who look like sinners, despite the fact he spent most of his time in the company of sinners.


We are all sinners, but we deserve His love and acceptance regardless of what we do and have done. Jesus died so that we could be saved from our sin, and walk in the light. He made the way for us to genuinely belong. Our lives are transformed by Jesus, and transforming through Jesus.


Through Jesus’ name, everything changes. In all things, God works for those who love Him. If He is for us, who could be against us?

Your Name is like honey on my lips,

Your Spirit like water to my soul.


We ask Jesus to take the wheel, but we have to press on the pedals to follow the Lord’s path for us. By growing in the Gospel, we have a living heartbeat that resonates through the Bible and to us, giving us new life. Hold dear to God’s coattails, because we’re in for a bumpy ride.

God doesn’t speak in the conditional tense, what He does, He does. What He wants for us, He wants for us.


If I had only known what God was doing, that season would have been so much easier.

What I didn’t understand was that before God promotes you, He takes you through a process of preparation in the wilderness. Like a good father, He is intent on growing you up because He doesn’t want His blessing to destroy you. -John Bevere

God always has a plan for our lives, and trust me when I say: He knows what He’s doing. He would do nothing other than guide you to a satisfying, fulfilling life.


Trust in His plan, let His love echo through your life and His Spirit flow through your veins. His love is electric, and will light up all rooms, turn on all appliances when utilised.



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