faith :: expectant

I have always had this hope. Hope in my life, hope in what is to come. It helps me to feel anchored, and aligned.

anxious 2

This Sunday, I’m heading to CityChurch Lancaster for the first time. I’m excited to see what it’s like, as I’ve been meaning to go for years – except obviously I couldn’t in France, and in second years I worked 9-5 every Sunday.

I am obviously quite nervous, but am feeling called to this place and to step out  of my comfort zone and find a great church in Lancaster.

anxious 6.jpg

TheGoodTrade got it right with this:

In almost every moment of our lives, there is an opportunity to lean into peace, quieting the constant murmuring of anxiety. We can tune into the signals from our body that tell us we have enough air to breathe, that our hearts beat with clarity, and that all is well in this moment.

anxious 1

Anxiety can be a constant murmur in your life, but by keeping aligned in faith, we can feel expectant and hopeful, rather than constantly anxious.

anxious 5.jpg

God wants you to count on him. He wants you to learn that people are unpredictable and they change their minds every second. He wants you to know that nothing in life is secure or complete. He wants you to know that there will be times when you’ll just have to count on your faith instead of your logic. He wants you to go through enough problems so you can have enough wisdom to know that he’s the only constant in this life and he’s the only one who can truly heal you.

anxious 3.jpg

Just some thoughts for you on this fine Sunday!




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