faith :: courageous

While I’m holed up in bed with a migraine that’s making me nauseous (sorry for the image of me vomiting), I thought why not put some words into a post.

I’m finding a lot of courage of late. It took a lot for me to deal with something that could have easily broken me just a few weeks ago, but I courageously pushed on through and forward, finding new and more beautiful horizons.

The very definition of courage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. May we carry a restless discomfort toward half-hearted searches for truth or rushed answers, boldly seeking justice. -TheGoodTrade

I love that idea of restless discomfort. Rather than being seldom uncomfortable with something, you’re also restless so are likely to do something about it.

Just the other day I received a postcard from my friend Hannah who’s in Norway working for The Red Cross. On it, she had written a Bible verse and I ran to my Bible to look it up. And what a verse. It was everything I needed to hear right now, after France and with starting my final year of university.

2 Corinthians 4:8-9 8We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

This verse made me think about the great difference between perplexity and despair. How we can be confused or even misguided, or feel as if we have lost our way, yet we are not in despair. God has us and is walking with us.

Even when Paul seemed to suffer complete defeat, God was still working in him. Paul’s enemies threw him to the ground; in Acts 14:19, they thought that they had killed him. However, God still had more work for Paul to do*. So Paul remained alive.

So today, I encourage you to be courageous. Press on and press through. No matter what you are going through, or what you are going to face, ask God for courage, or find it through other means, but push yourself into a space of courage and success will find you.



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