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It’s been a while since I put pen to paper to continue my narrative. I have always loved writing, and Kulayrosas is a mere offshoot of that branch of my life.

Of late, I have been finding more and more sources of inspiration, and thus feel more and more inspired to write, and read. It’s been ages since I’ve settled down with a good book, but at the moment I have a week until the university term starts so in between dissertation prep, I’m going to get into my new book. Then who knows, an October ‘read’ may be on the cards.

The Good Trade is one source I pull a lot of strength from, as well as bible verses. I love the daily quote, and I always use them as inspiration for new blog posts. Like this one:

Often our work is not to deny the narrative of our lives, but to challenge their endings—to rise with clarity about what it is we want from the triumphs and sorrows of our own story. When we do, we discover something beautiful and resilient and full of joy.

My life is certainly full of joy at the moment. It is down to one person in particular, but also because I choose joy. I choose to create it, to live it and to offer it up through kindness and good deeds.

I’m by far not the world’s most perfect person, but I like to be a little ray of sunshine wherever I can.

So there’s some little thoughts on a Monday evening, the first of October. I wish you all a beautiful month.



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