year abroad :: fini

Coucou mes amours, l’année en France est finie. Franchement, je suis prête pour revenir à mon pays natal avec l’énergie et viveur, connaissant moi-même mieux, et ayant commencé à grandir.

I am so happy. This year could not have been better; I simply couldn’t have asked for more. Heck, it hasn’t been perfect but it has all be a learning experience, and the most fun, fast-paced, exciting rollercoaster I’ve ever survived – touch wood.

So dear all my French friends if you’re reading, my Moroccan friends, my Algerian friends, my Welsh friends, my German friends, my American friends, my English friends: cheers. You’ve made this year. Je vous aime avec tout mon coeur.

I’ve come out of my year with over 30 friends, something I didn’t even think possible when I landed in Bergerac with no taxi waiting for me, and no apartment to move into.

Check out my article on SCAN’s website for more on that: A Tale of Chocolatines and Saint-Émilion Grand Cru.

So much has changed already in the time I’ve been home, but God is working me, and realigning me on a straighter path that He has decided, rather than one I am controlling, or attempting to direct.

Instead of rambling on, here’s some photos from the start of the year Abroad to remind you just where I started, and show just what an incredible year I’ve had.

I hope, as readers, you’ve enjoyed this journey also. My time of growth is clearly shown throughout my blog posts this year, and I hope to continually entice you with the snippets of my life and my stories, and devotionals.



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