year abroad :: bordeaux

Living in Bordeaux has been so much cooler than I expected.

My flatmates are super sweet, give the best advice, find me funny (lol) and love a party as much as the next person. We have spent many a night gathered in the lounge, music blasting – it’s so great to have genuine friends to do these things with. We’re all completely different but we get along. And that’s all that matters.

Through them I’ve made other friends too, widening my friendship circle just before I leave the country.

Then there’s also being able to spend real time with my friends from Bordeaux Church. Sunday is my favourite part of the week, but now I get to see them on Fridays too and throughout the week if an hang out is organised. I love it.

I regularly get out of the house too. Miroir D’Eau is my go to to refresh and dip my toes. It’s a great space full of life. Then I like to chill on the quais before walking through Quinconces and catching the tram back to Victoire.

I’m living right next to the infamous Marche du Capucins – a funky little French market stuffed with seafood and fresh fruit and veg. From there, I like to wander through the market at Saint Michel as the quartier is really nice and quirky.

What I love about Bordeaux is just how cosmopolitan it is. I feel blessed this year to have met so many different cultures, I’ve learned so much about France but also so much about the world.

Over and out lovelies.



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