fashion :: unicef

On Tuesday the 12th of January, Louis Vuitton hosted the Unicef ball, an annual black-tie gala. The celebration of the great work Unicef does brings together “over 700 philanthropists, celebrities, and community leaders” to support their amazing mission.

Despite being a materialistic, slightly airhead, daydreaming fashion blogger, I have a real passion for charity. I spent two weeks in Brazil in the summer of 2013. We did tons of community and it was great to hear of the difference we made to even just a handful of lives. I really want to go on mission one day, whether it’s Christian or secular, just because I know that it actually does change the world, and make the unfortunate people of the world slightly happier.

The ball raised $2.5 billion; an amount that is sure to drastically change lives.

I look forward to hearing more great news about events like this. It makes me proud that every so often the wealthiest in the world are philanthropical and help the cause.

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