life :: second homecoming

I don’t think I could be more excited for my second year of university. For me, with a fresh sense of purpose and more clarity, I am going to go back looking at the year expectantly.

As it is for most, first year is like a constant rollercoaster. There are many ups, but the downs are fast, scary and difficult for your head to contemplate. The year taught me so much more about myself that I could ever imagine. And above all, I’ve learned I do need to listen more. Yes “I know what I am doing”, but so do other people. And those other people usually do care, and only want the best for me. 
I always find it funny when people question why I call Lancaster home. Well. I am one of those people who nestles themselves wherever they go. I up-sticks, at least mentally, and plonk myself right in the middle of a situation. It’s something that doesn’t always bring out the best in me; but it tests my willpower, my strength, and my pride. For me, Lancaster is just one of the places I’ve been to in just over 19 years, that I’ve felt at home. 

I cannot wait to be living “in town” next year. Mostly, because I can’t wait to make another room super-decorated. But also, I can’t wait to do more exploring in Lancaster. I’ve still not gone up to Williamson Park (maybe because it involves a hill?) nor done the whole of the university’s Woodland Trail. 
I really want to test myself this year; to work harder, and spend more of my time enjoying my degree and university life. Being on holiday and purposefully immersing myself in it has renewed my love for the Spanish language. I need to do the same with French. And I want to do the same with French. 
I’ve come out of first year loving French, despite my pants effort all year. So from the word go in October, I’m going to go all in. I’ve set myself a relatively easy-to-achieve goal of learning 5 words a day, and watching at least one French film every week. 
Being more organised is something I am getting a hold of…slightly…at least I’m trying for once. As you may or may not have seen on Instagram, I bought myself a 2016/17 calendar before moving out of university. On the day of buying, I sat myself down in the library and wrote in all my term dates first – it took me a good 15 minutes for nearly 52 weeks, but I managed it. My slight “OCD” didn’t help when I accidentally wrote in lower case instead of upper *eye roll*. 

When I got (I hate that word) the position of Fashion Editor for SCAN, it was the greatest sense of self-achievement I have ever felt. Obviously, passing first year with a 2:1 was pretty decent. As was jumping around my living room in my pink fluffy dressing gown at 7:30am when I found out I was in Lancaster. But anyway, it was and is a start of what I want to do. 
I remember being asked why I was doing the degree I’m doing when all I go on about doing is fashion-this and fashion-that. And, it’s because despite my love for fashion, I have this inherent desire to know language; to understand language; and just to grasp how important it is. My blood boils when I overhear someone slating the importance of learning a language. I feel like screaming “you’re using language right now, how can you say it’s not important?!” Yes of course, there are many communicative “things” that don’t need “language”, but wouldn’t you rather just talk about them anyway? 
Talking and writing are two things I can do all day. I love telling stories and boring people to death, ranting till they’re coming at me with their own words. At least you can tell I’m passionate about what I agree/disagree with. Smiles all round. 
Whether you’re starting out at university, going into another year at school/uni, then just always know that someone will come along who has your back and won’t let you down. And more often than not, that person is yourself. 



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