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I am always lacking in purely beauty posts, and as much as I enjoy makeup, it’s not the same for me as it is with clothes. However, as I am on holiday, and I have time to kill while my family are dozing, I thought I’d put one together. 


For topical usage, Forever’s Aloe Gelly is just perfect for those odd, pesky spots on your face or body. It’s great for sensitive areas and you don’t need to apply much at all, as it spreads nicely across the skin. 

While on holiday, I’ve kept my Aloe Gelly in the fridge, only adding to the both soothing and cooling sensation this product gives. Therefore, it’s been great on my sunburn and keeps the skin supple. 

At home, this product works wonders when I’ve broken out in spots – usually from wearing too much makeup. Similarly, I’ve found the Forever Aloe Lotion is wonderful for clearing up my spots. 

Over the couple of months I’ve used Forever products, I have definitely learned the true meaning of less is more. The products last for ages and I’d always recommend them. 


My NYX contour palette is superb; I would recommend it to anyone. Yes so, I have made countless contouring errors like the majority. Sometimes it’s been that bad I’ve had to start my whole makeup again. But now and then, I think I would pass the contour test…Maybe…

My favourite shade of the palette is actually the yellow. I do not know what this shade is “for”, i.e. where I should be applying it. However, for me it’s a great corrector shade. With having quite pinkish skin, that flushes easily, the yellow ever so slightly softens it. 

Of the four brown shades in the palette, I love the first, and third the most. The third is what I’d use to contour when I’m going out, but the first is best for summer. It has a much more orangey undertone and works wonders if you’re like me and don’t tan mega amounts. 


When on holiday, my go to lipstick shade is orange. More often than not, a soft nude or a coral lip is perfect, especially if I’ve used my NYX contour palette to bronze my face. 

Coral shades in particular work harmoniously with a sun kissed face. And, applying a shimmery gold highlighter to the cheekbones and lids brightens up the face. 


With having ombré’d hair (at times it can be about four different shades at once, especially on holiday), I have to think a lot more about colours when it comes to makeup. Not as much suits me; the wrong shade can make my hair look tacky and cheap. 

Within my Naked3 palette, I often opt for the pinkish shades, but keep it soft as it’s often a killer of my blonde ends. I can’t go too far with pink lips; but sometimes I do push it, applying my favourite Topshop lipliner to all of my lip. 


Deciding how dark my brows should be is the biggest problem I have when it comes to the colour of my hair. I never know whether it’s too dark, just dark enough, or far too light. 

If there’s one beauty thing my sister is great at its eyebrows. So, the other night, she did mine. They are much stronger than I’m used to, but in all honesty they do look good. I could really do wth her doing them everyday!

She has used a brow pencil from Primark and would swear by it. The darkest shade, it actually matches the colour of my roots, and defines my brows – giving me a better arch. For £1, I don’t think you could find a better pencil. 

That’s all the beauty talk I can really give. I could really do with practising more and trying new things out. 

If you have any tips or products you’d recommend please comment below or send me a message via Facebook (like the page ‘Kulayrosas’, or search @kulayrosasAJM).

If you’re interested in any Forever products, I happen to be the person to speak to! Send me a message, and check out the other posts I’ve written about their products. We can have a look at what would work best for you and your skin!



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