fashion :: dazzled in effort

After reading “Can we talk about…Gucci”, I feel as if I have connected with Claudia Winkleman on a level I never would have expected. I want to be that “44 year old…” who writes like that about a designer brand. 

Maybe it’s merely the wannabe journalist, the over-analytical, ex-English Language student in me, but ahhhhh. I haven’t enjoyed unpacking a piece of writing this much in ages. 

And, as Winkleman gushes over in the article: Gucci. I don’t think I am quite old enough, or experienced enough to know what the old Gucci was like. But I like this “new Gucci”. Under the reigns of Alessandro Michele (I didn’t even know that, oops), Gucci has had a rebirth. And frankly, I’m all for it. 

When I think back to being a child, and a young teenager, I would always over-embellish myself with costume jewellery. Even now, while on an airplane to Tenerife, I have three bracelets on one wrist; a sunflower scrunchie on the other; gold hooped earrings, and three rings… And, I’d be surprised if you’d ever seen a wardrobe more diverse in colour than mine. Today that too still stands. 

I always try to be more “understated”, to let the clothes be the clothes. But I just can’t. I will wear a pattern, if not two, if not three, in the same outfit. Suppressing my “style” only leads me to wasting my pre-loved clothes. If you know me well enough to have viewed my wardrobe (which extends to my bedroom floor, of course) then you’ll know. I do colour. I do stripes. I do florals. I do camouflage. I do metallics. I even own a zebra print kimono, and oh how gorgeous it is (thanks Gran 😘). 

Pretend mis ojos are open

It is not solely over-indulgence, it’s a desire to put effort in. I take time on outfits. I overthink them as much as I overthink everything and anything else. And, it’s because to important to me. 

When it comes to accessories, emblazoning myself with too many rings is my forte. That many rings that I have to take them off to write in seminars. Even my friends will testify to how I used to wear stacks (and boy, do I mean stacks) of bracelets 24/7. 

If there’s one thing I do not do well, it’s that good old “mix’n’match” your clothes. I fail. Every time. My brain just doesn’t work like that. I can do it in a shop perfectly fine. I can easily put together about five different outfits in my head when the clothes are brand new, and I’ve never seen them before. But I lack being able to do that with my own wardrobe. It’s definitely something I need to work on, especially so shopping expenses don’t even come into my monthly budget. 

Anyway, Anna’s gone on a ramble… Back to topic. Gucci. 
I mean, what can I say? It’s just glamour in its most sensationalised form. It’s interesting, it’s eye-catching, and it’s definitely something you don’t forget. It’s delicious, delectable and I’m trying to write and all I can smell on this plane is sandwiches. Can you tell?…

The mix of prints, sparkles and colour is something I take as inspiration from Gucci. It’s a statement of saying you’re not afraid to go “too far out”; you’ll try it. And even if you “fail”, do you really fail? I once watched that film Iris, and found her spirit so inspirational. Despite all the respect I have for Chanel and her timeless, classic style, I’m much more for the too much, for the costume jewellery, for the bold prints.

All for now. 


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