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It is now Thursday and I felt it time to reflect on our days so far. 
Tenerife is so much more than I ever expected. Yes, so it’s just one of those islands commonly inhabited by Englishman during the summer months, but it’s also tropical, platano-infested and mountainous. 

Maybe I am just a “total newbie” to this, but today I am writing from one of the many paradises on earth. 

The cove we are at today is almost magical. I’m off for a swim now; time to join mi hermana en la mer. 


I have returned from the sea to a family, which just happens to be mine, lounging under a straw parasol. Pretty elegant, aren’t we?(??…) 

The sun today reflects off the water with a gleam that can only be described as godly. 

The rocks are rather treacherous, as the bruises and cuts (already, typical) around my knees will testify. 

The beach is teaming with just as much life as the sea itself, but there’s an air of completeness, a complexity of peace. Maybe it’s the fact I have headphones in… I know for certain mi padre y mi hermana are “making a racket” playing cards. 

The breeze is soothing, and attempt to displace my straw hat every so often. My dad and I are a pair in our trilbies. He suits his white Panama beyond belief. 

“Family”, as the waiter last night called up” keep disturbing me, interrupting every so often. It’s as if they cannot see I’m at peace writing away. 

I will not lie, the most fun part of this holiday so far (bearing in mind we arrived on Tuesday night) has been people-watching. You suddenly become so aware of what you must look like to other people. Yet, continuing to “do your own thing” is most important; a sign of unique expression. But let me not tie myself up in knots discussing aspects like this; I’m far too relaxed to let my mind wander into its depths. 

What I already love about Tenerife is its rocky cliffs. You cannot help but fall in love with them. I have already planned to return one day to do some trekking, it looks pretty spectacular. 
From where we are, Puerto de Santiago, we are towards the base of Teide, the volcanic mountain. 

On Wednesday afternoon, we took the undulating walk to Los Gigantes, a beautiful harbour. It’s a constant up-down-up-up-up-down. 
The warning of the hot sand is not to be taken lightly. I recorded my dad making his way up to “family”; so close yet so far. Far enough to tinge the underneath of his feet. 

The undercurrent is so cool and refreshing as you lie back and take in the view. As it is rather choppy the advice is to stay within the boundaries not just set by the lifeguard but by your own parents, which can’t even be classed as far out. I let myself drift out until they waved me back in. Just as I was enjoying myself *sigh*. 



And now it’s Friday… The days are flyin by, yet everything day is better and better. 

Lazing about on Playa Chica yesterday was undeniably heavenly. 


Ruth and my dad are “faffing” about plugging in the toaster, and complaining how they have to detach the kettle. “Close the fridge door” is constant. And, in all kindness to my dad, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move so quick to close it. He’ll be alright and calm again once he’s sat down and had his coffee. 

Before, they urged me to photograph a “ghost” in my mum’s coffee. I took it on one of the disposable cameras, so I’m quite interested to see how it will have turned out. 

Today we are just having a lazy day. My mum’s back is playing up, and her smiles are forced but she keeps on going. 

•Intermission – My Heart Will Go On, courtesy of Ruth•

My dad and I charged up the steps this morning, nearly making it to the top without stopping. Only 20 steps left. We think… Fuimos a la farmacía. Ibuprofen on the menu. 

Later on in the afternoon, we returned to Playa Chica, but not for the beach. 

There’s a lovely little bar where you can sit out, next to a shrine of Mary for the fishermen. Something like that, I’d have to return again to read the sign. 

At this bar we ordered sardinas frescas. And boy, were they good. Whole sardines in batter on a bed of salad. Squeeze your lime over and it’s even better. Jealous faces surrounded me as my Piña y Naranja arrived. The best juice I’ve ever had. This holiday is pretty perfect. 


And Saturday has arrived. Ruth and I were awakened by nos padres clanging the pots and discussing orange juice. No one slept well last night, it’s becoming much hotter with every day that arrives. 

I am so surprised at how much Spanish I’ve remembered. It’s been a year since I’ve studied it but when immersed like this, it comes flooding back. 

¡Besarme! ¡Besarme mucho! This morning Ruth and I are watching Spanish TV, and it’s definitely funnier than English TV. We understand it too, high five to mi hermana. 

Tonight, nos padres are taking my sister and I to a pizza place they spotted down a side-street. 

We are back. Wow. That was good. In the end, only my sister had pizza – with tomatoes and pesto. I opted for the Penne del chef, which had spinach, bacon, garlic and creamy Gorgonzola. Just wow. 

Our bottle of Italian wine also went down a treat, and my mum left the restaurant singing Paolo repeatedly (no that’s not a song, it’s the chef’s name), and claiming he kissed her twice. Cute. 

Last night was very much an ode to my Gran with all of the Italian happenings. 

The restaurant was filled with quirky pieces of art, as well as more classically painted ones. We were sat in the wine corner, completely surrounded by all types of wine and champagne. On the wall above where my sister sat was a cartoon- like painting of the owner and chef at work in the kitchen. 

There’s not much more that I can say about this place, other than recommending you go if you’re ever in this area of Tenerife. Dom Míu it’s called, I think. 


El Domingo ha llegado. I’m not 100% all my Spanish is correct. Especially as I’ve been calling the sea “la mer” for 5 days now; multilingual probs, French student probs. 

Esta mañana, I took a trip to the mini supermercado for some cucumber and tomatoes, and I posted a couple postcards on the way up. The postbox was so confusing; it took me 5 minutes to work out where the gap was and I completely fluffed it up in front of numerous people from the adjacent hotel. Smooth Anna, smooth. 


Ahora, we’re back in the apartment for some R&R. Today we returned to Playa Chica for a couple of hours in the sun. I’ve now tinged my feet but feel refreshed after a good dip in the sea. 

Ruth looks adorable with her plaited hair, and as usual, my dad is browning nicely. And yes, I’m still white. No matter what I do mis piernas just will not tan. Lucky we’re here for another week, isn’t it?

I am sure Sunday will bring us much more joy but for now, that’s all. 


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  1. This was so interesting Anna,really captured the atmosphere, thank you for sharing, ‘la mer’ ! even I would not have made this mistake ….?thanks to Debussey ! Will look forward to illustrations ,eventually? Uncle Jim was very impressed , he said Anna is lovely , she came and sat by me and enjoyed conversation with you. It has been a busy interesing weekend ,now I am enjoying sitting with my feet up . Your Blog was a lovely sorprise , Love Gran xxxxxx

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