life :: become

To add to all the excitement of moving away tomorrow, this weekend consisted of parties and more parties. Tonight will see the ‘last supper’ before I go, we get so sentimental as a family. I’ll probably be back at Christmas! LES AMIS I decided to throw a little ‘Bon Voyage party, inviting all the girls […]

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life :: sister sister

After feeling cramped in the house doing university work pre-France, and my sister having to practically teach herself a GCSE Geography module over summer, we both decided to change up our study locations. So, we took the Metro from Radcliffe to Market Street, Manchester with the plan to study in Manchester Central Library. Post-delicious hot chocolate […]

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summer :: penang pt.4

The evening of day 2 saw us have dinner as a family of four at Sigi’s, where we had some truly outstanding food! My henna looked fabulous with my ring on and against my metallic green bag. And the skyline on the walk to the hotel room was just incredible. Day Two’s Snapchat story: DAY […]

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summer :: penang pt.2

The evening of our arrival day saw us taking to the beach favourite hang-out, Beach Cafe. Greeted with smiles and fun, the owners made us feel at home at their shack and we chose our Chinese-style dishes. Honestly, it was the best sweet n sour chicken I have ever had, and so it should be […]

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summer :: penang pt.1

I sit here on our final night in Penang in the lobby of our hotel, enjoying the funky musician playing and singing classics, and wish to reflect on our days in Penang. Pre-flight series: After a gruelling journey consisting of two 7hr flights and then a quick little one, we arrived at our first destination: […]

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life :: return

So I have now officially moved back home for summer after a tremendously stressful yet enjoyable second year.  This year has tested me so much, but my faith is even stronger, new friendships have been made, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.  It’s going to be a stressful summer with SO much to get […]

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life :: preparation

Hey lovelies, it’s so great to be able to post so much more often (thats a lotta adverbs there) on Kulayrosas.  I’m constantly looking for new material to write about, especially as my posts usually begin as a thought, are written out like a waffle, and then edited into something (relatively) cohesive. *face palm* So, […]

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life :: home

I’m getting a little posting-obsessed over on Instagram, so thought I’d spill out my energy onto the webpage instead. Along with all the photos I’m dying to post. So now that I’m home for summer, I’m trying to keep myself occupied. I spent Monday-Wednesday mostly at home, except yesterday (Wednesday) I had a job interview. […]

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faith :: cross equals love

Happy Easter y’all lovely readers!!! Yesterday is the day that Jesus arose from the dead (!!!) and the most wondrous date for Christians. I love Easter for various reasons. Pure joy comes over me when we sing the annual Eastertime hymns at my gran’s church. And what child at heart doesn’t like waking up and eating […]

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life :: mother dearest

I feel like a soppy post is in order, and I want to dedicate it to the one person in my life who has held my hand through every moment. Mum. I know you’ll probably read this at some point, or when you get your email. But, this one is for you. I read this […]

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