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To add to all the excitement of moving away tomorrow, this weekend consisted of parties and more parties. Tonight will see the ‘last supper’ before I go, we get so sentimental as a family. I’ll probably be back at Christmas!


I decided to throw a little ‘Bon Voyage party, inviting all the girls and my cousin (that distinction has to be made, since he’s the life and soul of the party!).

What I didn’t realise, was that they were going to turn the night into a French dinner party. There was me, unintentionally in a wine-coloured dress, getting the Prosecco ready; and my dad cooking all the pizzas.

Kate arrived first; in the cutest little red skirt, and a black top, with a black beret and a French ribbon (which turned out to be The Netherlands’ flag, someone had misinformed her – and only made it more sweet) tied in a little bow round her neck. I had enlisted Kate to buy a tablecloth for me, and as usual, she provided the cutest white one with miniature silver and gold stars.

When Grace stepped through the door I’ve never received the biggest smile in my direction ever! Having not seen her since my birthday I was soooo excited. And, I could not stop laughing when she handed me what was a quarter of a French baguette. When I realised she was wearing a black turtleneck dress, and strings of pearls around her neck, I could easily put 2 and 2 together: here was my Coco Chanel, at long last.

Then followed Rachel, looking equally fab in Breton stripes and a chunky necklaces – all these odes to Chanel, I couldn’t stop laughing. But it all made my heart so full as I was just so cute.

Sophie arrived with them, more sexy senorita than anything, but she looked gorgeous in her little red wrap dress! And, got way too giddy off Champagne, way too early. Hahaha, favourite.

<< Mon cousin >> Dave arrived and pulled out some Saint Agur cheese, a bottle of French red, and part-baked baguettes…could my family get anymore crazy?!

When the beautiful face I’ve been lucky to look at since being four popped itself round the door, I did let out a little squeal. But when Amy completely tripped over the door frame, I practically fell to the ground too in fits of laughter. Always one to get my attention ey, Amy! *mwah*.

And last but not least… It was so great to see my beautiful Josie! And we were totally colour-coordinated.

So in the end, we had a French X Italian X Party in The USA themed evening, with plenty of red clothing, pearls and Rose. I’m so totally blessed to have friends like these girls! And blessed to have all the friends that couldn’t make it too. To all of you, if you even read this, thank you for always being SO supportive. I promise no matter where I am in the world, I will always be there for you.


Sunday 17th was my Auntie Jayne’s birthday. Couldn’t have planned my leaving so perfectly, as I wanted to see all the family before I left, particularly my Auntie. It was fabulous to sing Happy Birthday with the family, and tuck into a delicious Afternoon Tea, and be toasted for my Year Abroad.

It was also the best thing ever to see my little cousin Samuel, my cousins’ son. At over four months now, he is growing up into an intelligent, strong little boy – certainly destined to make himself known within the family, an integral part of being a Mather.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone when I am back, but I’m also so excited to spend time away because I know I’ll have so many stories to share with them.

Life is so wonderful, and this weekend has been superbly fabulous.



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