life :: impending

It is but four days now until I begin “living” in a country that’s not my own. The excitement is rapidly building, and the things that I needed to sort are falling into place, as if they were designed to from the beginning.

I’m already absolutely shattered from such a long, busy, yet totally freakin’ awesome summer, but moving to France has been the biggest dream I’ve ever had. And in four days, it will all come true – even if it’s only for a minimum of 8 months.

I’ve lined up three places to stay next week, and am both apprehensive to see if they’re as nice as they looked online, and just excited to sleep in a comfy double bed again! One of the hosts in particular has been so helpful already, so I am really looking forward to staying with her in Libourne. I will keep you posted!

I have so many hopes and dreams for this year, but most of all, I want to feel happy, and at home.

You can read more about my past experiences in France, and previous excitement about this impending ‘Year Abroad’ here, here, and here.

A bientôt,


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