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Hey lovelies, it’s so great to be able to post so much more often (thats a lotta adverbs there) on Kulayrosas. 

I’m constantly looking for new material to write about, especially as my posts usually begin as a thought, are written out like a waffle, and then edited into something (relatively) cohesive. *face palm*

So, if you have any ideas for what I could be writing about please share them with me – over Facebook at ‘Anna Mather’ is probably the easiest. Or, follow and direct message me on Instagram @ku_layrosas

Plus, I would really like to have some guest edits. So, if you’d like a chance to be featured on my blog whether just in photos, or by writing your own post then please get in contact (use above details) – I’d really love to feature you!


So, I’ve taken it upon myself to go back up to Lancaster for a week of peace. Not that I’m not loving it at home, I really am. I spent last night missing my family so much. 

But, I needed my space, and some sleep in my cosy double bed – my single one at home makes me feel so cramped now. 


In the space of a week and a half, we have had 4 birthdays within the family. Starting with mine on the 29th June; my Grandma’s 80th on the 7th July; my cousin’s girlfriend Georgie’s on the 8th; and my cousin Chris’ on the 9th. Fun, but hectic. 

You can learn about my Grandma’s celebrations by reading this post.  

I also got plenty of cuddle time with my gorgeous baby cousin yesterday at Chris’ birthday brunch. So meet Samuel Mather, Chris and Amy’s son:


So while I’m up in Lancaster this week, I’m getting everything for France prepared. 

It feels all last minute, yet it’s really not. I’m swimming in paperwork, forms, random little niggly things to pay for and STILL trying to find accommodation. Nightmare. 

In one of my next posts I will be sharing more details about France and my placement so keep your eyes peeled lovelies. 

I’ll keep in touch throughout the week with lots of posts. Don’t forget to contact me re guest edits, features and post ideas. 
Endless love,


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