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I’m getting a little posting-obsessed over on Instagram, so thought I’d spill out my energy onto the webpage instead. Along with all the photos I’m dying to post.

So now that I’m home for summer, I’m trying to keep myself occupied.

I spent Monday-Wednesday mostly at home, except yesterday (Wednesday) I had a job interview. And I got the job, I’m now a member of waiting on staff and bar staff at a wedding venue just up the road from my village. I cannot wait to start. It’s such a dreamy little place.

Then today, I decided I needed to fly solo and explore town. I hit the shops as soon as they opened at 9am.

First stop: to bag the shoes that caused Wednesday’s palava. Well, actually I was 1p short of the plastic bag – like seriously?! She ended up giving me the bag for free, and she did the same too.

However, this shop assistant told me that if I came in the next day, she’d give me extra discount on the already sale priced shoes.

So that’s from £22.99 to £11 in the same, to £7. I was like “Girrrrrlllll are you serious?!” But smiled and thanked her refusely and left happy. And the shoes themselves make me happy. Nice little pop of colour to spice up my wardrobe – not that it’s not already packed with colour.

The Topshop sale is a bit drab in Bolton town centre, so Manchester is probably a better bet if you’re looking for bargains. Like every shop though, they’re adding to the sale lines day on day so you really never know what gems you might find.

H&M was my third stop. The aim: to find a black blouse, for my new job. Well, could I find one? Like I get that it’s summer, but come onnnnnn. I did walk away with a £4 black top with ruffle sleeves that I’m hoping will be okay. And, a cheeky little yellow/green shiny bag for £4 – bargain!

On Friday, it was my Grandma’s birthday – so, I would just like to wish my Grandma a happy 80th birthday! 

We went out for dinner at a restaurant-style pub in their village. I was just looking forward to getting some wine and pub grub down me. Finally eating out you guys!!! And, of course cake is for pudding – made by my lovely friend Rachel. You can check out her business on Facebook: RacheyCakes.

Here’s a close up of my look for the evening:

And some outfit photos: 




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