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Walk out and just be humble. God will bless you and give you that knowledge in due time if you’re really willing. -Cindy Owoko

Today’s post is going to centre around the above message of hope from Cindy, i.e. her Instagram story preach. It sparked something off in me and I scrambled around my bedroom trying to find a pen and paper to write down her words.

I know that the majority of people who read my blog aren’t Christian, or are undecided, but I hope you connect with some of my words – I’m not trying to make you into Christians, I’m just sharing some things in my life that have proven true because of my relationship with Jesus.

It’s so so important to keep your relationship with Jesus fresh. Otherwise it gets boring. Boredom leads to temptation. And that is a fact. It may be brutally blunt, but it’s an honest fact. Keeping any form of relationship alive is so important.

Think of your friendship with your best friend. If you were to go shopping every time you met up you’d 1. get sick of shopping, and 2. have no money left. But by rotating activities, you get less bored and can connect with her/him/them on another, perhaps different, level. And save yourself some money *note to self*.

Alice and I go “out” (on a “night out”) at least once, if not twice, a week. But we spend 5 days of university together, and cook dinner together every once  in a while. We go for tea n coffee, or lunch, or to the castle in Lancaster. We keep it fresh by changing up what we do when we’re together.

So, how do you keep your relationship with Jesus fresh? Well, firstly read this – it’s opened my eyes.

Writing out sections or sentences from the Bible; writing out prayers; and simply spilling my thoughts onto the pages of my journal enable me to connect with God so much more than when I “pray in my head”.

Affirming His truths out loud before I go and sit an exam, or before my head hits the pillow at night, make me strong and resilient. It’s like putting on an armour that allows no power neither mental nor physical to pull me down.

Of course sometimes I forget to pray. Lie is so busy that I go to bed forgetting to thank the One that made it all possible. But the nights I do remember, a fire is set down in my soul and I begin to feel alive and renewed.

Something else that Cindy said in her Instagram story connected with me:

It’s so important that you allow God to put you in seasons where you need to grow and you don’t know anything.

Don’t be blind, or naïve. You should wholly know your situation. But when you don’t, for whatever reason, let God be God. He will change up your path, and throw you into seasons head first. You don’t NEED to know anything. You just NEED to TRUST God.

You see…from me to you: God loves you at your darkest.

Despite the countless mistakes I have made, and make on a daily basis, God has still loved me. He loved me before I even walked the Earth, when He planned for my parents to bring me into the world.

You will never offend God or push Him away. You can only push yourself away from Him. He will always take you back under his wing and make your life fulfilling once again. Over and over, He will do this.

You have to seek God out. But, He will seek you out too. You can try to ignore Him, like many do, but He will crop up and find ways to you see Him through all times, events and actions.

The world today is so distressing, and sad. But that doesn’t mean we need to despair. Or that we should even begin to question God, whether He exists, or even suggest that it’s His fault that people are suffering.

“Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life…”
Psalm 23:6

Collaborate with God. Go hand in hand with Him through your seasons until you see the light at the end of the tunnel. A path with God is much less daunting than a path you walk alone.


I hope my little preach impacts you, and that you take away the realisation that you are loved NO MATTER WHAT.



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