summer :: penang pt.4

The evening of day 2 saw us have dinner as a family of four at Sigi’s, where we had some truly outstanding food!

My henna looked fabulous with my ring on and against my metallic green bag. And the skyline on the walk to the hotel room was just incredible.

Day Two’s Snapchat story:


The day Ruth and I got time to ourselves.

Our third day was so enjoyable, and it was so good to spend time with my sister, and enjoy the sun and the pool.

We also tried coconut water – our verdict: not recommended.

My parents and grandparents were at Kek Lok Si, the big temple just a bus ride away.


Today I had a beach day. I took time out from the family and enjoyed the sunny beach before returning to the family who were sunning and swimming at Rasa Sayang.

That evening we headed to Hard Rock Cafe, upon Ruth’s insistence. And we are so glad we did. It was definitely an experience, and then a girl at the table next to us was surprised by her boyfriend and friends, as he proposed to her in the restaurant! She had no idea, and it was so lovely to watch.

Fab night.


Day four summed up…

Today we took the hotel shuttle bus to Gurney Plaza, a ginormous 7-floor shopping mall. I was in heaven.

Ruth, Dad and I only made it to the first floor and so we hope to return at some point within the week.

More to come…



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